Picture Perfect

Hello my beautiful fudgies!
How's Monday been treating you? <3

Here's a little scenario for y'all:

You go through life with relatively good self-esteem, as a typical healthy fudgie is likely to. You're not Megan Fox
(let's face it: even some parts of Megan Fox are not in fact Megan Fox...)
but you don't stay up all night crying about it.

Suddenly, out of the blue, your self-esteem gets stabbed by the worst abomination in the history of humanity:
a picture of you.
But not just any picture of you...
 A picture in which you think you look, and I quote my friend Lexi, «like the Yeti and Frankenstein's illegitimate child». 

And it is in that moment, ladies and few gentlemen, that we lose our fudgin' minds.

  • We yell at our friends, asking them why they didn't tell us that we looked horrible.
  • We rip, Sharpie, burn, soak in bleach this picture in hopes no one else will suffer from its unattractiveness. 
  • And if ever someone DARED to reassure us that we do not look that bad, or WORSE, that we in fact look...good? All I can legally say is they never found their body. 
Just kidding! ;) 

But how does one handle a scenario like this one without dying inside?!

It can be so tempting to just stare at it in shock, but trust me, with the frame of mind you are in, the picture won't look any better with time. So push it away, click next, close your eyes or look away.
Let your brain breathe 30 seconds, then proceed to step 2. 

Before jumping off a cliff,  make sure you consider the Y-Factors;
the Y-this-picture-may-be-completly-unrealistic: 
lighting, camera quality, position of your face/ body, photogenic-ness (?), NO AIRBRUSHING
These factors influence in a major way all pictures; look at all the pictures you like of yourself!
You were probably at a good angle, the lighting was probably decent, etc.

The best trick for self-esteem in the world is about to get  spined-off.
Yes indeed, take that photo and walk through this amazing trick with me one more time.
-  take your picture and in a limited amount of time (say, 60 seconds?), find 3 things you like about yourself in this shot. Anything can do!
Works like a chaaaaarm. <3

in order to get pity compliments.
You could not, no matter how much you tried, sound more insecure. 
Besides, if you announce like so, people will be prepared for flaws, therefore their eyes will be scanning for them.

Alright, that was it!
Hope you all enjoyed<3



ANEB Update

Happy Friday my lovely fudgies! <3

I wanted to update you all on the ANEB partnership I kinda/sorta/briefly mentioned in passing a few months ago.

For those who do not know what ANEB is, you are missing out!
It basically stands for Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec, but you can benefit from their ressources regardless of your location.
Here is their website: www.anebquebec.com
They have a lovely forum, some great ressources and helplines especially for my fellow Montrealers.
I'll let you discover their magic on you own!:)

A few months ago I sent them an email saying that I loved their organization and asked if we could possibly partner in some way.
To my GRAND surprise, they actually answered me. (by the way, no one ever answers my emails, hence the excitement :P)

Now, since I didn't have a specific idea of partnership, they simply told me that if ever I wanted to work with them on an event, I could contact them and see what we could do together.

I should probably start planning another event.

I'll be working on that as soon as my life starts to calm down (so, never? ha.ha.ha.), and it will probably be this summer.
What kind of event?you may be asking yourself.
I, um, litterally have no ideas.
So if you could send me an email, tweet me or comment below (i know the commenting system sucks, im trying to fix that in the near-ish futur) to tell me what kind of event you would like to attend, where, when, etc. 
That would be lovely. :)

Thanks in advance, I'm anticipating your awesome ideas <3
As always, love yall



Validating Your Pain

Hello my gorgeous fudgies!
How has Monday been treating yall ?<3

First of all, I must apologize for my absence these last few days, weeks, it's not been months, has it?...
See, when you can't remember the last time you posted, that's when you KNOW you're in trouble :)
Exam sessions...they be crazy...(I'm tired, therefor, I am grammatically handicapped)

Today, I wanted to discuss something with you, regarding the original purpose of this blog.
Yes, we are travelling back in time to the prehistoric year of 2011, where it all began...

Monday, October Something-or-other (17, I think?), 2011
I'm sitting in a doctor's examination room.
It is 3:45, I skipped school for this appointment, because I can't imagine spending another day like this.
The doctor (Dr. Erdstein; yes I DARE speak his name) is asking me some questions.
He looks bored, he's not even trying to understand why I'm bawling my eyes out.
He leaves the room (looking for coffee perhaps...a girl? In my office, dying? nonsense), and I just sat there, staring at the Children's hospital across the street.
Little did I know a few weeks later I'd be in one of those sterile, creepy rooms staring down that same little doctor's office.

This has been going on for too long, the pain is too deep, the façade too heavy.
Yet no one seems to understand, or even acknowledge it.
«Why are you feeling this way?»
Well you see, oh wise one, if I knew that we would NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION.

Am I imaginating my own illness?

That is exactly how people convince themselves they are well, they are healthy, they are happy.

Before wanting to get help, receive treatment, start over, smile...
I wanted someone to validate it.

And when I think about what I want you all to take from my own and each other's experiences,it certainly is nota loss of hope for humanity.

I know...crazy!

There are plenty of sites for people suffering different issues, from just every stuff to actual mental illness.
It can make you see your not-alone-ness (again, grammar handicapped. I apologize)
Here are a few I found for all sorts of issues, but don't forget GOOGLE IS YOUR BFF if you can't find one for you :)
1. anxiety: http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum/
2. eating disorders: http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/forum32.html
3. depression: http://forums.psychcentral.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6

So no, you are not making up these problems
you are not helpless
you are not  crazy (technically, legally...well I don't really know you:P).

You are just a human. A fudgie, actually, the best species there is. <3

Promise to write loads more this week, mmkay?



Handling Stress and Anxiety!

How is Wednesday treating you? 

This post is dedicated to my petit écureuil anxieux. <3 

Hello my beautiful fudgies!

I wanted to talk about stress today, because not only does it affect 'most everybody I know, but it can also trigger some serious self-esteem problems.

There are several levels, diagnostics, and consequences to anxiety, but in my book I can think of 2 perfect little words to describe the main cause of this unapologetic feeling:

That's right, over thinking things that should always be looked from afar with perspective.

First of all,  IF ANYBODY GETS STRESSED BECAUSE THEY OVER-DRAMATIZE SITUATIONS, (pente fatale style) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECKING OUT THIS TRICK A PSYCHOLOGIST GAVE ME (IT WORKS SOOOOO SUPER WELL: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-4-2012-bucket-list.html

Secondly, have you noticed that when you stare at your reflection in a mirror too long, it can get distorted and suddenly every flaw that could ever be imagined magically appears on your face?

People of Fudge Perfection land; you are all incredibly intelligent but also hell-a creative people.
If your eyes go looking for flaws, oh trust me. THEY WILL FIND THEM, whether they are actually there or not.

So here are some of my tips (besides reading the post I mentioned up there) for handling anxiety
1. Breath in through the nose and let out all the bad anxiety (or air, whatever you wanna call it) through the mouth.

2. Get enough sleep. Yes, I know that it's not that easy, and I'm also incredibly hypocritical, because I don't sleep much at all, BUT IT IS PROVEN THAT TEENS WHO GET 7 OR MORE HOURS OF SLEEP CAN SEE THEIR ANXIETY LEVELS GO DOWN AND BONUS: SEE THEIR GRADES GET HIGHER, UP TO 10% MORE!
So go. to. bed.

3. Find time to be silly. I sing and dance all the time, and, especially when it comes to the former, I'm hilariously awful. But Gabby don't care. 
Laugh with your friends, take time to listen to christmas music (alex...), just make sure you live a life that isn't controlled by the things that make you nervous.

4. And finally, for those creatures we see in the mirror, I have 2 full posts about loving your reflection.
How could this still be a PROBLEM??? :P
hahaha jk, but they are here if you need a little reminder
1. post 1
2. post 2

Stay Calm and Fudge Perfection `<3


Wake Up Feeling Good

Second post in a row say what???!

My lovely fudgies,

I don't know all of you.
Don't know your vices, your weaknesses, your stories.

But hopefully I can know that from now on, every morning, you will wake up feeling light, feeling free, feeling good.

And hoooooow, you ask, can you do that, oh wise one? :P

Here is a little trick that I adhere too religiously, and hopefully it can help you too <3

One of my biggest triggers is waking up feeling bloated, or fat, or just heavy.
Cuz you KNOW that if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, citizens of the world better run and hide because it is NOT a good day.

And worst of all, YOU feel awful, and YOU want to run and hide from every living creature.

So what I do is make sure that I don't eat or drink anything 2 whole hours before I go to bed (water excluded of course, flavored water is like crack to me).

The next morning, I don't feel pregnant, so humans of this earth are safe yet another day and I feel like I can face almost anything!

Yayyyyyyy!!! Haha if you are alarmed by my cheesiness, you MUST be new.
Hi, I'm gabby :)


BINGEtervention: how to control binging <3

Hello my beautiful fudgies,

In the past, I always felt like no matter how many tips, trick or challenges I thought of for you guys, there was always one very important issue I wasn't conquerin: how to control binging.

Even though I talked about why you shouldn't binge in a previous post (click here to check it out),
I couldn't apply it to my real life for more than 2 weeks without my resolve weakening and my unhealthy eating habits creeping back into my life.

Until now.

This trick may seem simple, and it may not work for you, but hopefully it can help someone else who struggles with this issue.

Write it out for Friday: 
Here's how I do it:

1. Pick a day in the week when you get to indulge in whatever pleases your cravings (preferably a day when you are relaxed, like Friday, Saturday or Sunday, according  to your lifestyle, so you don't eat under stress but rather for a reward) and try to keep that same day each week.

Mine is Friday, because on most Fridays I head over to my friend's house and we watch the best guilty pleasure show in the history of television: Vampire Diaries.

2. Throughout the week, if you are suddenly hit with a craving, write it down in your agenda, on your phone, or wherever. You will have that item, or a list of items, to choose from on Friday when you dip into your food sins :)

3. On Friday, those cravings will probably have died down, so you can pick one or two things from that list and enjoy them slowly, knowing very well you deserve it. 

That's it. 
Almost sounds too easy, right?

Just trust me on this one, after a lifetime of eating then crying then...well yall know, applying unhealthy, ridiculous weight loss techniques,  I FEEL FREE, AND LIGHT, AND LOVELY.

Well...that last one is often from you guys <3 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww)



Tips for a Depressionista: 'Tis the season

I first heard the term in a grocery store;
Two middle-aged women scouring the aisles for good Panini bread were having a conversation when suddenly, one said to the other:

She's going through a rough time with Mike, but she's a depressionista. She'll be just fine.

Wipe that confused look off of your face and stop laughing at the absurdity of those words (you are obviously doing one of these, for I did both at the same time...people at the supermarket are afraid of me...).

The term depressionista (I am assuming, because urban dictionary is not an unbiased reliable source in my opinion) is tightly linked to another new vocab word: recessionista.

Now a recessionista is a mash-up of recession and fashionista- meaning a person who is able to stay stylish in a time of economic uncertainty.
And hooooowwwww, you may ask, does that relate to depressionista?

A depressionista is someone who is prone to mini or hard-hitting depressions, who is going through a rough patch or just plain simply someone who wants to be happier B.U.T. who can perk up their mood for the sake of their sanity.

Depressionista&Recessionista: please who can make it work during hard times.

You may now ooh and ahh..

So how do depressionistas beat their blues?
Well here's a little trick I have found to be mighty helpful.

Go. Season. Crazy.

What exactly does that mean?
Back story: When I came out of the hospital, I wanted to keep the good mood I was in, so I decided to get really into the holiday spirit. I soon came to the conclusion that by putting a little effort into the season, you get a little (or even a lot) of joy back.

So here are a few ways to do so:

1. Holiday Happy (all holidays, not just Christmas)
You do not have to be religious to enjoy the bright, Christmas lights, or the memorable Christmas morning cartoons.
You certainly do not need to spend a dime more than you usually would.
Examples: buy some candy canes instead of your regular desert
Find the radio station in your area that plays that wonderfully cheesy xmas music
Get inspired by the festivities to get creative (make your own Halloween decorations or costume)
Enjoy your fave classic holiday movies or TV specials

2. Season Serenity
No need to get into the commercial holidays if you don't want to!
Seasons are just as fun!
Buy some fall-scented tea or coffee instead of your regular (DavidsTea anyone?)
Add little touches to your house decor (leaves in bowls for fall, fresh flowers for spring)
Enjoy the loveliness of the weather (nice new warmth in spring, pretty leaves in fall, beautiful white snow in winter)
And my ultimate season obsession: candles. Plug-ins.  air freshener.
I'm obsessed. Don't judge me.

And though this may seem incredibly cheesy (most likely because it is...) it could be all you need to snap you out of your regular daily routine!


Lovez yall,
have a lovely day



What Doesn't Kill You

You've all heard it before:
From fortune cookies
To "deep" (please use the quotes to note my mockery) Facebook statutes
Even Kelly Clarkson (love the song btw, no criticism towards the artist herself)

"What doesn't kill makes you stronger!"

So lovely to hear.
So easy to believe.
Yet so incredibly, demoralizingly inaccurate.

Unleash the wrath of the non-believers (or rather the believers in this fairy tale approach to hardship) upon me.
I can take it, my loves.

As someone who has gone down the rabbit hole and almost died crashed into its pits;
As a friend of so many who have skimmed the surface or completely broken out of their capable limits;
I can honestly say I hate that saying.

It makes me feel, of all ironic things to feel, weak.
Because we are somehow exempt from all bad days, or poor choices, with this "new found strength" that so many impose upon us.
And if we ever show a sign of human weakness, it isn't perceived as a bad day.
Oh. No.
It's called a relapse.

And let me tell you something, my dear fudgies, you do not owe anyone the strength expected from you.

You have witnessed your fall, inch by inch, and you are recovering, by taking back every single one of those inches.

You may crawl out of this hole a little bit weaker than Mr sunshine next door.

You may climb out of the darkness a little more fragile than Rose Colored Sunglasses McGee over there.

But as you move on and face the hardship of life, you sure as fudge are a heck of a lot wiser than anyone who ever expected the incredible Hulk out of your morale.

No one knows where you have been.
So don't let them choose where you're going.
Be the strength you need to keep getting a little healthier, a little happier, and just keep fudging perfection.
You know you want to...;) <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">

Xoxoxo oxoxox


Learning to Walk Again

«I'm learning to walk again
I believe I've waited long enough
Where do I begin?
I'm learning to talk again
Can't you see I've waited long enough
Where do I begin?»

-Walk, Foo Fighters 

Hey lovelies!
I have been waiting for ANEB's answer to make a post about our (hopeful, still in progress, they haven't responded in 10000 hours and I'm dying) partnership, but I guess I can't wait forever...(sad look away to hide my tears...)

The quote above is part of a song I love by a band I loooooove.: Walk, by Foo Fighters 


Demi Lovato said it best in her MTV documentary, and I said it...well in my special crazy-long babbling Gabby way:
Treatment does not fix you. 

I wont repeat everything I said in the cure 
but the war isn't over when we sign the treaty of peace.
There are entire lives to rebuild, wounds to heal.
The war is won when we move on, keep going and get stronger as each day goes on.

What I HATE with a capital H.A.T.E. is when people expect us to not make those mistakes anymore.
As if we have somehow come out of this war bionic, with no human qualities, no moments of weakness, of imperfection.
And if we DARE make a human mistake,
POUNCE!! They are quicker to judge than Judy herself. 

«Oh! But I thought you didn't do that anymore...really? I thought you were all perfect or whatever...didn't you go to rehab or something?...such a hypocrite»

Learning to live your life.
We don't conciously make that decision do we?
And some of us didn't make the best of that decision...We know it.
But we have taken the biggest leap of faith.
To learn to walk, talk, act, eat, sleep, think, breathe again.

Every decision, every meal, every word is a fight.
Every single second has to be thought over twice.

1.If you are not in that situation, learn to guide, to help the people around you who need your level-headedness.
We need your words of encouragement, your random acts of kindness.
Not your advice (we need to learn to make the right decisions on our own)
Not your abandon.
And certainly not your judgements. 

2. If you are in that situation, first of all; you're doing great.
You're stilll living and breathing, and for us that is a much bigger deal than for regular folks. 
Progress is slow, and you can't win every battle.
If anyone is making you feel like that's not okay, dump them out on the curb with your leftovers and recycling.

Step by step, learn to fudge perfection.
You are reading this, so wether you like it or not, you want to curse out your demons.
Go all Nike and just do it. 



Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

To all my beautiful fudgies,

Good Wednesday!
Today, I get to see my little babies- the first girls I gave a conference to (http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/01/fudge-perfection-my-littles-angels.html), so I am in an incredibly happy mood :D
AAAAAAND I get to give another one October 3rd, with some of the old girls and some fresh young faces I can't wait to meet <3

The post I am about to write should have been written a while ago, due to the fact that
Therefor this question needs to be answered, but before I write anything more, remember this:

If you have to ask yourself that question, no matter what my post says, ask your doctor or any mental health professional for a consultation.

1. Mental Disorder.

It does not matter how much you weight or how thin/skinny/thick/hippopotumus you look or think you look, eating disorders are mental disorders first and foremost.
Yes, the body will usually be affected after long term suffering of an eating disorder.
But no you cannot be too «FAT» to suffer from one.

EX: Can you be too freckled-face to suffer from schizophrenia?...I think not

So be sure to base yourself on purely mental conditions to answer this question.

2. Guilt. Shame. Disgust. 

From personal experience as well as scientific psychiatric tests and experiments, these three emotions are a constant in living your everyday life, which explains why eating disorders can lead to other mental health problems, such as social or general anxiety disorder and OCD.

Do you feel ashamed buying/ordering food?
Do you prefer to eat alone, because you feel people are judging you while they watch you eat?
Do you often cry out of disgust from your mirror reflection?
Do you feel guilty in scenarios that are not yours to feel guilty for?

These questions need to be asked more frequently, for they are the ones that, often subconsciously, rule our day-to-day life.

3. Control

(usually)People who suffer from anorexia are obsessed with controling their food/calorie intake, will separate/organize their food in an obsessive way and are more often than not very obsessive and controling over other parts of their life (school, frienship, tidiness, etc.)

We do these things when we feel we are losing control of our life,most likely our looks.

Do you feel like you are losing control, like things are spinning too fast, like you can't keep up like you used to in certain areas (or all) in your life?
Do you feel overwhelmed and/or tired all the time, suffer from headaches or like you body is weakening?

4. Fear of the all mighty mirror, the powerful scale and the dreadful clothes size tag...

The triggers of all triggers. The only things «recovered» ED sufferees (that cant be a word, do not take seriously my vocabulary like you do my incredibly thoughout science...you are NOT ALOUD TO BE LAUGHING AT THE MOMENT) still have troubles with sometimes.

Mirrors are the hardest to get over, if that is even an accurate term for what one must do, because they are sort of e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. whereas the scale and the tag can honestly be more easily amputed from your worried state of mind; they are numbers after all.

Do you feel your self-esteem shoot down when you walk in front of a reflection-inducing object, such as a car window?
Do you not want to be in pictures or want to see pictures of yourself?
Do you weight yourself knowing you will most likely freak out afterwards?
Do you stop shopping because you get depressed over your clothing size tag?

Most of all, as I said, wikipedia, online tests and even I cannot tell you for a fact what you suffer from.
Here is a post on what to do if you do want help, whatever you are suffering from: 

Please do not hesitate to email me for further questions,
I love you more than I love chocolate (and that is, I can assure you, a first)


Howling Ghosts, They Reappear

Hey gorg! <3

Its been a little while since I last posted, but expect a slew of posts this weekend :)
Slew probably meaning...two...
(shakes her head in shame)

The title of this post is a quote from one of my favorite bands, performing one of my favorite songs;
King and Lionheart, by Of Monsters and Men

Here is the full lyric:
Howling ghosts, they reappear 
In mountains that are stacked with fear

Slow clap for the depth of 'dem lyrics.

How do we add this brick of wisdom to the Fudge Perfection house?

Here's a little fact about yours truly:
Few things in the world scare me more than reuniting with people from my childhood.
I kid you not.
That, and spiders.
the nucleos is to the atomic bomb, as the previously mentioned insect and event is to my panic attacks.

I am studying for my SSATS. Everything, EVERYTHING, is an analogy to me now.

Back to my fear: I will have to discuss my anxiety with yall another time, but for now I will quickly explain why this fear haunts me so.

As most of you know, 6th grade was the year my sanity shot out the window, but it was also the year after which Quebecers change schools to enter «High School».
Ever since that final day amongst the people of my elementary school, their opinion of what I have become has consummed me.
Why, you ask?

Everytime I see or even think about one of those people, I am instantly brought back to the girl who finally cracked,
whose sanity finally succombed to the pressure of good grades, good looks and good girl,
whose self-esteem dove down into the bottom of the oceans as she sat in the bathroom stall during recess and did her homework.

And I start to care.
Care about what they'll think of me now
Care about having to impress them.
Care about their whispers as I walk by.
Care about letting them see my imperfections.

But how does one battle such a fear?
How do we face these howling ghost that reappear, in mountains that are stacked with fear...?
(ahhhhhh, you say. she does make sense. sometimes.)

You have to give up that fight and start a new one.

You can't win a fight based on hiding imperfections.
They will find them where they are, and where they are not.

But you can win a fight for the one thing that they have been taking away from you for far too long: your happiness.

Find things that make you happy, not that will impress them.
Find friends, find love that makes you happy, not that will make them jealous.
Read the FP blog... (JK, but it does make you happy, and it might very well  impress them...I'm just saying...)

Failure is not being rejected for a big part in the play, or not getting into the school you wanted.
Failure is rejecting your own happiness for the sake of the people you don't even like, or respect.

How silly is that, when you think about it?

Why was that in caps?
Why do I keep asking you guys direct questions?

As I was saying, it's time for me to dream:  dreams of letting go of my past, dreams of my own happiness and acceptance, dreams of Jacob Hoggard...
Just kidding.
Or am I?


Purely Random Wednesday Post

Hello my gorgeously fabulous fudgies! <3

1.I hope you all enjoyed my Labor Day post, even with it's insane length.
It was a very personal topic, but one I felt wasn't being defended from my standpoint too often, so I truly hope it made your pretty little brains think :)

2. Please answer this survey to tell me what YOU GUYS want me to ramble ON AND ON about.
It's okay, I know I do :P (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T5N59XT)

3. I want to remind you that we have bracelets available for just 1$!
We still have 56 to sell so send me an email and I'll ship it out to you!

4. The weirdest thing in the world has happened to me:
Have you ever met someone briefly, not knowing who they are, and then BAM!
You figure out they are much older, or very famous, or any other type of WHHHHHAAAATTTT caracteristic you had completely misjuged than you thought????

Well, it has happened to me, my dear fudgies.
In treatment, I briefly met a psychologist, whose only name I knew was her first, which sounded something like Falin.
Dr. Falin is the person who gave me the simplest but ultimately most life-changing tips I have since shared with you all such as...
The Drama Queen Calmer
Love Your Reflection

So the other day, ever so nonchalantly, I try to google her to give her proper credit on the blog and...omg.

In my mind this person was: In her twenties. Still studying to be a psychologist (due to her youthful appearance and the way she really understood my teenage craziness, not because she was unqualified.

After my research, I found a clinical psychologist that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Falin, named Dr. Bita, who must be in her 40s and has her own clinic.

I don't...
What is earth...

Has this ever happened to you guys?
Well thats all for your little Gabbi

I would cyberhug you but Im still so damn confused...


Depression and Suicide: A Tale of Condescension

Good Morning to all of you <3

I am fully aware of how ironic it is that I haven't posted in the last few days but SOMEHOW I am WORKING on LABOR DAY :P
Y'all are lucky I love my job <3

Today's post in going to be a very serious one- but the subject of suicide and depression is a very important one.

I'm going to take you back to Early 2012; my 10th Grade English class:
Our teacher is discussing Romeo and Juliet.
In the middle of her never-ending monologue, she trails off into one of her infamous tirades about, you probably guessed it, suicide.

How selfish an act it is.
How despicable those who commit such an act are.
What were they thinking to leave all those people behind hurt and alone?

This teacher, a woman, is a mother.
And just the thought of her daughter growing up in a home where such ignorant comments are thrown around carelessly makes me downright furious.

Better yet- this woman is a teacher for TEENAGERS.
She has punctured the ears of hundreds of young adults with such hateful spurs.

And she is not alone.
I have heard countless teachers, family members and media personalities voice those same opinions whenever the subject of depression and suicide is brought up.

I am going to bring you even further back in time: the 1980s.
When there was one illness on everybody's mind: AIDS.
People at your local market and people on national TV were saying the exact same thing:
«AIDS is for fags»
«AIDS is disgusting, repugnant, filthy, dirty»
«People with AIDS should be banned, shunned, shot» 

Now do you really think someone who has just discovered they have contracted AIDS is going to happily skip all the way to their doctors' office to tell them?
There should be NO QUESTION whose fault it is that AIDS spread like wildfire as an epidemic.
Us (well, probably not the ones reading this you were probably born in the 1990s like all the cool kids were :P)
More like Us, as a society.

Same thing applies to depression, and therefor suicide.
Depression was officialized as a mental illness in the 1980s, coincidentally.
Yet somehow, here we are, 30 + years later, still treating people suffering from such ILLNESSES (key word here: illness. As much an illness as a cold, as bronchitis, as malaria) with condescension and disdain.
You can STILL hear people say openly and legally:
«Depression is for lazy bums»
«Depression? Just snap out of it»
I'm sorry; have you ever tried to snap out of CANCER?
Yeah, I don't know how easy that is.

Just like AIDS, depression is still being treated like a lower-class illness.
Just like AIDS, YOU CAN VERY WELL NOT KNOW that a person is suffering from it right in front of your face.
Just like AIDS, if we keep making people feel shameful and guilty for an illness they did not choose to have, then
Just like AIDS, the bodies are going to keep piling up.

Prime example: me.
My family had a dismal and ignorant understanding of mental illnesses, always approaching the subject with condescension.
I went 5 years. 5 YEARS without treatment and ended up in a mental institution.
Not. Fun.

I am going to leave you with one last thing:
This past summer a friend of mine asked me what to do about a friend of hers who suffered from depression.
I asked her if they had discussed suicide, and this friend of mine told me that she had told her friend suffering from depression how selfish and irresponsible suicide is.
If I could give her, and all those spewing ignorance like so, one little advice, it would be this:
Do you think the person who is feeling suicidal will want to ask help from people demonizing their emotions?
Your words can be the last drop in someone's glass.
If you want to keep giving your bigoted opinion, that is your creed.
Just don't forget to wash the blood off your hands after you're done.

If you need more info, suffering or just willing to understand more, click on these links
or email me at fudgeperfection@gmail.com

I love you all so very much `<3


Bits and Pieces <3

How are my gorgeous fudgies doing today?! <3
Feels good to be back into a rythm!
Yesterday's post was very well received, so thank you. (check it out here)

That got me thinking: I never really know if or why some of my posts will be more popular than others. So why not ask you guys, the ones actually reading them!
So I made yall a little survey, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND ANSWER THE 1 TEENSY QUESTION <3 thank you :) CLICK HERE

I also need your help with another very important part of the Fudge Perfection Project: the conferences!
Besides schools, I need other opportunities to spread the word about the FPP but more importantly what we stand for.
So if you have suggestions (church group, youth group, support group, etc.) P.L.E.A.S.E. let me know by email or comment down below!

I would love. love. LOOOOVVVE. to meet some of you, so don't be shy about asking me to travel (dont underestimate my determination and airmiles :P )

One last thing.
I know this post is just filled with demands and favors, but before I left this summer I briefly mentioned The Body Image Project published my submission on their website (yay!!!).

You can check it out here (http://thebodyimageproject.blogspot.ca/2012/06/age-16.html)
All you have to do is submit «What do you see when you look into the mirror?» with your age as the title :)
It will feel so great to have it out there in the world, like a secret community where no one knows your name or your face, just your story.
Which should be all that matters.

That was all for today, just little bits and pieces :)


Challenge 7 pt2: Dreams > Dimwits

Everyday, more and more people find out about what I do; the conferences, the blog, etc.
Most of the response is positive, which is lovely, so gracias <3

How. EVER.
Because I frequent the dog-eat-dog cage that is high school, some individuals belonging to the teenagerus species seem to have certain...uh-hum... brain deficiences, enabling them from understanding ...well anything, really.

And when such individuals fail to comprehend something, the automatic reaction that occurs in their «brain» (though many scientists would not be quick to even call it A BRAIN)
a). Mock 
b). Critize
c). Laugh uncontrollably as though there is nothing, NOTHING, funnier on this planet of ours than (GASP!) actually doing something with your life

If you are ever mocked or teased for whatever activity or passion you are pursuing, please check out this post I wrote on HOW TO DEAL WITH SUCH SITUATIONS...<3 

That article was written for those specific scenarios when your less-than-genius schoolmate comments, to the best of his small capabilities, on your awesomeness.
TODAY'S ARTICLE is broader and more general.

I want to start doing (insert activity) but...
I want to tell my friends about (insert passion) but...

You know you shouldn't care...
You know those people shouldn't matter...
But you can't stop yourself from being afraid, ashamed, from just plain CARING.

First of all, it's okay.
It's actually pretty fudgin' normal.
You can't just TURN OFF your brain.
Afterall, yours is a little more complex than your mocking neighbour's :)

What you need is a 3 STEP MOTIVATOR, which consists of 3 very simple but very effective steps to keep you motivated against the pessimistic current :)

Step 1. Physical Motivator
Each and every time you feel shame, fear or regret in regards to people's judgements or potential judgements of your passion (which I support 100%, by the way, I don't care what it is), develop some sort of physical «tic».

Raise a shoulder, roll your eyes, something that reminds your brain of how you should react to such judgements.

It will feel weird at first but will become a mechanism the more you do it.
Plus it will remind you about...

Step 2. Verbal Motivator
We are all very easily brainwashed, and as you know, I am strong believer in brainwashing yourself.
So make sure that after step 1, you repeat to yourself (in your head, preferably, because we don't want to scare the children) a single word that reminds you of why you should keep going.
Mine is: Beautiful
Because I want to make yall feel beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful to accompany you on this journey.
Repeat 5x minimum, and there is no maximum.
Repeat it randomly, all the time, wherever, whenever.

And this word will lead your brain to think about...

Step 3: Visual Motivator 

The last thing you want to picture is a mental image or image sequence/video.
It can be the moment you realized this was it.
It can be a dream or a goal you want to achieve.

Example: I think of a huge stadium, tens of thousands of people for the FP conference, all flashing their FP bracelets and shirts (which are being designed, be patient!)
The look on people's faces when you just summed up exactly how they feel.
The laughter, the tears, the connection on these 10,000 faces.

That's what is in my head. Those are the images that keep me going.

If you apply these to your own dreams and goals, your brain will be too busy to care or worry about others.
Fudge others and their stupid little comments.
You have all these images to look back on, or to look forward to.

I love yallzz so much <333


Acne and Self Esteem: The Struggle and The Solution

Oh. Kay.
Before you throw your cyber tomatoes at me for being absent in the last few days, HERE ME OUT.
I had a little crisis, but fortunately it has inspired a post!


My story:
My skin in the last few months has been getting increasingly, how can I say this... bumpier. 
So I decided to book an appointment with my brother's dermatologist.
He prescribes me a liquid topical treatment, and I go to my pharmacy, ever so nonchalantely, and pick up said topical treatment.

La di da di da, not a care in the world.

I come home, and pack it up for the vacation I was embarking on the next day.
(It gets interesting, don't give up on me yet)

Arrived at my destination, I put on a minuscule amount of this prescription and go to bed.

Morning 1: My face has kind of broken out into weird looking spots, but nothing REALLY out of the ordinary.
Plus, one of my eyes is looking kind of wonky...
Reaction: Throw some sunglasses on and shrug it off.

Repeat miniscule application same night.

Morning 2: My face was suffering what was later diagnosed as contact dermatitis.
Meaning over 90% of my face was covered in this giant rash.
This includes my entire eye lids, under my eyebrows, lips, all that fun jazz!
My right eye has also completed swollen over, with my eyelid complety enabling my eyesight.
Reaction: Die.

To say that I had a panick attack is an understatement of epic porportions.
***To be fair, the intensity of my rage was reinforced by the fact that I was GOING BACK TO SCHOOL IN 4 DAYS.

But it was an experience I will never forget.
Not knowing what to do, and just thinking it was going to pass, I went on with my life, trying to enjoy my vacation.

I walked past people turning my head away, half of my face hidden by giant bug-like sunglasses.
I felt people's stares, and pity looks.
I cried constantly.

I can't say I reacted to this situation as well as I should have, but to be honest, I don't know a lot of girls my age who would have handled it with poise and grace like a perfect non-hormonal princess would.

But I have learned a lot from this experience.

1. I am allergic to clindamycin, the antibiotic responsible for my skin's violent outrage.

2. God BLESS MODERN MEDECINE, because with a doctor's consultation and some steroids (no joke, Google what steroids are actually supposed to do) my skin had mostly cleared by today, my first day back to school.

3. and most importantly, people see you as you see yourself. 

When I walked slumped over and ashamed,
When I didn't dare to look at people in the eye or even look at their rash-less faces,
When I looked pitiful, miserable and just plain sad,
THATS when people noticed the skin, when they gave me the looks. 

People who carry themselves like I did project the image that clearly there is something wrong, why else would they walk around like they're contagious. 

When I forgot about my skin's condition,
When I went places with no mirrors,
When I laughed and didn't look like a girl who wanted to rip her face off and throw it off a bridge,
THATS when no one raised their eyebrows, no one gave me looks.

And if they did? SO WHAT.
I was too busy LIVING MY LIFE.
Which should always come first.

You are a person, inside and out.
So if any of my gorgeous fudgies feel as though they can't leave the house because of a body «anomaly», keep this in mind:

1. 99% of you are imagining it. It is not that bad. 
2. Even if it is, you not only have a plethera of other beautiful body parts, but you're also a human being, as I am sure you know by now :P
Which means your smile, your laugh, your talents, your personality is worth 10000x more than a million face volcano eruptions, OKAY? :) 

So glad to be back,
See yall tommorow!!!


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 9

All right dolls, let's jump right in to vow #9 because SOMEONE is in a bit of a rush :)

Vow #9: Remember that even the girl who I'd swap bodies with in a minute has something about her looks that she hates.

Hard to believe, isn't it?
Maybe if girls spent less time TRYING TO BRING EACH OTHER DOWN.....
I'm sorry, got a little carried away:P
But in all seriousness, here are a few things to keep in mind concerning this vow:

1. We want what we can't (or naturally don't) have

Girls with curly hair usually end up straightening their locks.
But girls with straight hair would give their left arm to have curly hair.
So if it seems completely impossible that Miss Perfect Body you idolize doesn't L.O.V.E. every single thing about her body, keep in mind that some of the things you may be so jealous of, she wants the exact opposite.
As a matter of fact, she herself might want to trade bodies with someone else, and it is entirely possible that YOU could be that person.

Example: I <<<33333 freckles. Don't have any, but I think they are just the epitome of facial adorableness, and I would love some (if God is somehow reading this blog...just keep that in mind, mmkay? :P ). Which means that of course that at least 75 % of lucky girls who are blessed with freckles would rather not have them at all.

2. How about if YOU were the all mighty so-called-perfect-body girl?

Still have a hard time believing she doesn't wake up every morning thanking the Universe for this «perfect» body of hers? Think of this.
You, in your lifetime, have been, will be or are right now the beholder of a or several physical attribute/s that another girl would swap with hers in a nanosecond.

Now Imagine all things you don't truly adore about your body...
And how if you told said girl who admires what you have that you don't love everything about your body, she probably wouldn't believe you, just like you don't believe your perfect body beholder.
Brace yourselves...I feel a breakthrough coming....<3

3. The last thing you should basically tell yourself in every scenario in life EVER is this:
You are enough.
You don't need to swap bodies, and you shouldn't want to, either (so I guess I have to take back my offer God...).
Why would you want to change anything about yourself!




They are HEEERRE: Fudge Perfection Bracelets

I am so excited to say that The Fudge Perfection Project has its own WRISTBANDS!!!

Pictures will be below :)

As you can see, the FPP wristbands are a beautiful bright neon pink with Fudge Perfection simply inked in teal.
They are half an inch wide and will fit anyone's wrist-trust me on that one :P
***Thank you to the lovely fudgie member Eleanor who told me where I could make 'em :)

If you know me in real life, I'll always have a few of them with me for sale.
They are 1 $ each :)
If you don't know me in real life and want to get a FPP wristband email me at
And we will work something out for payment and shipping :)

As always, I love you all

17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 8

Good Morning Dolls!<3

Since I skipped a day of blogging, I will have another post up for yall later today, because there is so much going on and I have some very exciting news! (hint-hint: it goes around your wrist....)

Let's get going on our 8th vow, shall we?

Vow #8: Remind myself that what you see isn't always what you get on TV and in ads- it takes a lot of airbrushing, dieting, money, and work to look like that.

Waking up one morning, you look in the mirror and say to yourself:
«Hey! I don't look half bad today...»
Head held high with a beaming smile, you walk out of your house and into the real world.
BAM! Victoria's Secret ad
BAM!BAM! (that Tv show you love where no one has an inch of fat on their body. I couldn't pick one, have you BEEN ON THE CW LATELY?»
And somehow you're not-half-bad has morphed into I-want-to-crawl-into-a-hole-of-Ben-and-Jerrys bad.

Now I will say this now and I will say it again: I do not believe that Photoshop, Magazines, and the media in general is responsible for eating disorders. (to read more about the reasons behind my positions click here)
Which means that if your mental health was on a scale of 0-10,
0 being «no eating disorder or other mental illness» ,
1 being the beginning of an eating disorder and/or other mental illness
and 10 being «most likely in the last stages of life»,

The media cannot bring a girl from 0 to 1.
However, it can fuel a girl up from 1 to 9.

Which explains the importance of today's vows: eating disorder or not, it can ultimately really bring down a girl's self-esteem.
And as I'm sure you know: THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME ;)
Here are my TV/ads crackdowns:

1. Ads: Not selling self-esteem, are they now? :P
Have you ever seen the Dove Evolution Video? (if not, click here)
As someone who has worked backstage in the makeup departement (just when you thought you knew me perfectly...:P) I can personally say that the amount of time put into that girl's face before the photoshoot is SOOOOOO NOT LONG ENOUGH TO BE A REAL AD

Sad right? A MUA will take MINIMUM one whole hour, sometimes up to 4 hours to prep the girl's face for the shoot. These models are photoshopped before even one camera flash goes off!

There is only one answer to all questions starting with a WHY? in the consumerism industry...

Ads are designed to make you want, no- NEED, the product they are selling, whoever they are and however they can achieve that goal.
If an ad made you feel all good inside, you wouldn't need that new (insert product here), because you're perfect just like that.

All the marketing strategists in the world just cringed ferociously at that last sentence ;)
You have to feel incomplete because to all these companies:
Feeling incomplete+need to be complete+girl on the ad looks complete+must buy whatever she sells=enough money to buy another yacht in France

So dont fall for those trips, you're now a regular Nancy Drew, cracking all the mysteries of the advertising market <3

2. TV: a lovely combo of genetics, money and lots of 5 calorie salads
Your favorite show is on; Great!
The actors in that show all have 0.0000001 % body fat; G.r.e.a.t.

Here is the thing: before I go all CRAZY-DIET-FREAKS on these poor actors, I will say that some of them, again SOME of them, are naturally, genetically thin.
Fast metabolism, family skinny genes, what have you...
(Yes, I know. Some of us would sell our siblings for that DNA)

Back to the point: A TV show's cast's job is to create a fake reality, a believable world, a portrayal of a certain lifestyle.
Not to bash their acting, but I don't think Gossip Girl would have hired even Meryl Streep if she would have auditioned.
Looks are a huge part of these storylines, therefor an actor's JOB, besides playing pretend, is to keep up a certain look, a certain physique.

You & I don't have jobs like that (just speaking for myself really, who KNOWS who could be reading the blog).
I'm a full-time student. And a full-time FPP-editor-email-answerer-boss-lady.
So OF COURSE we can't look like that!

Besides, why would you want to be these people?
1. You're GOR-GEOUS just like you are.
and 2. Would you really want to be stuck in all that crazy CW drama?
I think I'll keep my sanity, thank you very much :) <3

That is it for this post!
Keep your eye out today for some other exciting updates and announcements!


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 7

We are a full week into the Seventeen Mag Body Peace Treaty Vow/Day!
I would truly appreciate it if you guys could help me out here to get these posts seen by Seventeen Mag!
***What you can do:
1. Select your favorite 17 BPT post so far (let's take day 1 for example: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html)
2.a) Option 1: tweet it to @seventeenmag and tell em what it is
Example: Hey @seventeenmag check out @fudgeperfection body peace treaty!!!http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html

b) Option 2: Do the same but on their facebook page found here: https://www.facebook.com/seventeenmagazine

c) Ask them to check it out on their tumblr page: http://seventeen.tumblr.com/

Thank you all so much for your support, I hope you enjoy today's post!<3

Vow #7: Quiet that negative little voice in my head when it starts to say mean things about my body that I'd never tolerate anyone else saying about me

This vow is basically the epitome of the Fudge Perfection Project.
Here are some other posts you may want to check out for more tips and tricks:
The <3 your reflection part 1 post
and the sequel to part 1 post :)

Here's the deal with this vow:

When other people call you out on imperfections, you should never let it get to you.
Why give them the power to mess with your self-esteem?
You are so much better than that, and you know it.

So how come we can brush off other people's crazy comments, but not the ones coming from our own heads?
Does it mean that because you say it to yourself, all of the sudden those negative, belittling comments becomes true?

Imma let you in on a little secret: The evil voice is wrong

How can she be right? She cant even see anything right WITH YOU?
Yes, I am aware that that's her job. To critique you. To, dare I say it, perfect you.

Your brain is constantly working and, as you know, it can get really exhausting up in there.
That negative voice is just wasting your brain's (therefor, your) time and energy.

Why waste your time listening to someone who's ultimate goal in life is to bring you down?
When you could be listening to a voice who sees the beauty in you?

Take my advice; DUMP THE VOICE.

HOW TO DO IT: Everytime, he/she/it tries to get a word in, start signing your favorite empowering song instead.
(need one? here are my favorites: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/03/top-10-stay-strong-songs.html )

That's all for today!
Dont forget to help us get Seventeen on the FPP wagon (if you want :P)
Love yall


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 6

Happy Monday, my delightful fudgies!
I cannot believe we are already day 6 on the 17 Magazine Body Peace Treaty Vow per Day!
Let's get started!

Vow#6: «Notice all the amazing things my body is doing for me every moment I walk, talk, think, breathe..»

I vaguely touched this subject on Day 2, but I'll go further into detail today :)

Our bodies, wether you love or hate yours, are pretty darn spectacular.
We owe everything to them. Litterally.
Yet somehow, as a result of the slightly superficial world we live in, all we notice about our bodies is how our right hip is 1/4 of an inch shorter than the left.
Just plain silliness.

What is this organization called again?
Oh yeah. Fudge Perfection.
So give your right hip some slack. No human body is perfect. There is not enough lipo in the world :P

Back to the vow: We take what we've always had for granted.
I'm sure you've never really considered thanking your lungs, for without them, you most likely would not be here, reading these words I am writing to you.

To make this easier, I have one simple trick
1. Think about the moments your body has given you.
To be truly grateful towards your body, you have to think about what opportunities it gave you directly.

  • That time you and your best friend stayed up all night talking. Who's responsible for the gift of talk?
  • The game of (insert sport you play) where you helped your team win (insert big trophy-giving sports event). I do believe you have to thank someone for the ability to MOVE...
  • Every single great moment in your life has been gifted to you by the ability to breathe and therefor to stay ALIVE FOR THESE GREAT MOMENTS.
Your body has given you everything that makes your life worth living.
Don't you think you could give it some love in return?
Sure. We all have physical things we would want to shrink, expand, vanish.
But your body is very busy keeping you alive, so why don't we just sweep those superficial things under the carpet for now <3

That is it today, loves!
***The FPP bracelets are going to be here in a couple of days so get your 1$ ready :)


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 5

Hello, beautiful

Day 5 of the 17 magazine body peace treaty vows, here we go!
(Links to the previous days are on the right hand side of your screen)

Vow #5: Quit judging a person solely by how his or her body looks - even if it seems harmless - because I'd never want anyone to do that to me.

This post is going to be quite a short one because
a) I'm in a rush
and b) You only need to keep one thing in mind

There are so many strereotypes based on looks and weight.
For example, overweight=lazy
or thin=anorexic

That girl you just met who's a little curvier than the norm; she may have had to work her butt off by changing her entire daily food and exercise routine to lose a whooping 50 pounds.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she's lazy, unhealthy and/or doesn't care about her appearance.

That girl you just me who's very thin: she may be this thin naturally because of genetics. No matter what or how much she eats, she can't gain weight due to her metabolism.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she has an eating disorder, that she needs to go «eat a hamburger», and that she chose to be this thin.

Don't be the one-glance-and-I-know-your-life person.
Because if you've ever been put in a specific stereotype box after just one glance, or one picture, or one conversation, you know how it feels.

So next time you meet someone, instead of putting a preconcieved label on them, leave a blank space in your mind for them.
Let their real selves answer all those questions for you.



17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 4

Happy Thursday, my lovely fudgies! <3

Let's get down to business with the 4th vow!
If you have missed the previous posts, the links are to the right of your screen :)

Vow #4: Never allow a dirty look from someone else to influence how I feel about my appearance. 

Ever hear the saying «Beauty is in the eye of the beholder»?
It's easy to tell yourself that you don't care what he/she/it thinks of your appearance, but you can't help feeling a little bit low after getting looked at a certain way or even after hearing a less than flattering comment abour your appearance.
Is this how everyone sees me?
Are they right?

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how insecurities are born.
Here are the 3 things you should always tell yourself in the midst of these scenarios:

1. Insecurities lead to insults. There is a reason that person gave you a look.
Think about it:
People who are happy with themselves don't feel the need to bring other people down.
They are much to busy floating on their little cloud of self-love and marshmallows.

However, people who are not feeling so great about themselves L.O.V.E to bring others down to their level, to make people feel what they're feeling, just to make themselves feel just a little bit taller.

This person could have kept what they thought of your looks to themselves (and most likely, they don't even feel the way they portray, they just wanna bring you down), but no.
That is NOT going to make them feel better about their miserable selves.

So instead of feeling anger towards the hate messenger, consider feeling pity.
YOU don't need to step all over people to boost your confidence.
You know you're awesome.
After all, you're a member of the Fudge Perfection Family. ;)

2. Jealous much? 
Here's another reason people glare, stare or share a not-so friendly thought they have about your looks.
They are jealous.

It sometimes is hard to believe, I know. But wether it's your great hair or your bubbly, outgoing personality, they want something you have.
And since modern day science does not permit us to just take attributes from one another, people have to take away from you the only thing they know how to steal:
Your confidence.

So ask yourself this: why would I just give this person what they want?
Return the dirty look with a radiant smile that says: Can't have my confidence either, honey.

3. Blocked by the knowledge of your own beauty. 
No matter how much hate this person is sending you, by a look or a comment, it should just bounce right off of you.

If you already know you are beautiful (which you do, because if you haven't learnt that by now, you might want to go reread everything I have ever posted on the blog. There will be no insecure girls left behind), then whatever stupidly untrue remarks she is saying or thinking about you will just be categorized in the LIES cabinet of your brains.

Your family, your true friends, your pet, and most importantly YOU; those are the people who (should) know you're beautiful.
And those, and ONLY those people are the ones you should care about.

That random girl at the mall?
The dumb jock that takes your bus?
I wouldn't even waste half a brain cell on them.

Alright!!! I hope you enjoyed!
Keep being gorgeous (as if you could ever stop!) <3


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 3

Are you all ready for Day 3 of the BPT 1 Vow/Day???
Let's get to it <3

Vow 3: Stop joining in when my friends compare and trash their own bodies.

Which teenage girl DOESN'T remember that scene from the legendary, hilariously accurate depiction of high school movie Mean Girls when the Plastics head over to the mirror and start bashing their bodies, leaving uncorrupted new girl Cady uncomfortable, because she had never heard of this ceremonial tradition within the teenage girl community; the body bash.

The conversation generally goes something like this:

-Oh Ma Gawd. My (insert body part) is/are so fat.
-No way. My (same body part) is/are so.so.SO much bigger than yours.
-At least you guys have (that body part). If you wanna see fat, look at my (insert different body part).
And so on.

You can deny it all you want, but if you are over the age of 12, or sadly even younger, you have taken part in this type of dialogue.
Here are my tips to make sure you stay true to vow #3:

1. When you hear the body trashing begin, count to 10 and think it through. As silly as this may sound, counting to 10 in your head will first of all enable you from joining in the trash-athon, but it will also calm you down.
Make sure you tell yourself that the only reason girls do this in front of their friends is to get pity compliments.
They need someone to validate their beauty, but you shouldn't need that. You should just know that you are beautiful, wether your friends think you have a nice butt or not.

2. Stop the body trashing in its tracks. No better way to ensure that you don't jump in than making sure there is nothing to jump into.
Look your friends firmly in the eye and say something along the lines of: «Enough body trashing, guys. You don't need a perfect (body part your friend was complaining about) or a tiny (other body part your friend was whining about) to be beautiful.»

3. Change the subject and move on. Your little comment may have caught your friends off guard, so now would be the perfect time to change the subject for good. Anything that will get them interested enough to distract from the previous convo will do.
Give yourself a little pat on the back, you deserve it :)

That was a short and sweet little post, hope yall enjoyed it<3


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 2

Gday my lovely fudgies,

We are back today with the 2nd vow from the 17 Body Peace Treaty (haven't seen the first one? http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html )
Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Team Usa Fierce 5 Womens Gymnastics (Jo, Gabby, Aly, Mckayla and Kyla) for winning gold by 5 points. You inspire me <3
Back to business :)

Vow #2: Never blame my body for the bad day I'm having

Some days, nothing, NOTHING, seems to go your way. Like God, the Universe, what have you, is purposely trying to make your life absolutely unbearable. As if being a teenager isn't enough!

And those days, when you come home exhausted, drained, and just flat-out angry at life, the LAST thing you want is to look in the mirror and see imperfection.
Because God knows THAT is a realistic expection.
So here are some tips to overcome this ridiculous reflex:

1. Learn to recognize those days and AVOID ALL REFLECTIVE SURFACES UNTIL YOU ARE CALM. 
You know it's been a bad day when you come home and yell at a carpet for standing in your way.
I know where you have been; inanimate-object-yelling is a common symptom of bad-day-itis.
So don't rush to your mirror and look at your reflection.
You won't be able to see anything positive in your reflection because today you can't seem to find anything positive ANYWHERE.
Take a breather. Collect yourself. Then proceed to step 2.

2. Get comfortable 
This is defintively not the day to try and squeeze yourself into 00 skinny jeans.
Studies show that women who are wearing comfortable clothing feel a lot more secure in themselves.
And they have looser facial muscles! (BO-NUS)
So get into something you feel great in that doesn't emphasize any of your insecurities and then head on over to step 3.

3. S.M.I.L.E. 
There are very,very,very few people who are grazing the surface of this earth right now who can make frowning look sexy.
Those people are called supermodels and are paid millions of dollars to look like you're feeling right now. And make it look fabulous.
Buuuuuuut that is not our case. Before you look at your reflection, think of something funny.
Your favorite clip from the Ellen show, your baby cousin laughing, that time with your friends when (insert hilarious story that, let's face it, is basically only funny to you guys), whatever it takes to turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN:))))
I can't lie, I kind of hate that expression but it is appropriate in the context here :)
With some extra seratonin in your brain, you will look more positively at your reflection.
And like I said, pure mortals like you and I do NOT pull off the angry mug shot look.
Once you've got your grin face on, step 4 awaits.

4. Thanking, instead of blaming, your body
It's easy to look at your body during a weak moment and blame your «fat» calves for your boyfriend breaking up with you.
First of all, that stupid ex-boyfriend should be lucky, LUCKY I SAY, to date a girl with calves like yours.
Secondly, instead of blaming our body for the crazy scenarios we invision they create, how about we THANK our bodies for what they can do.
Those «fat» calves are strong enough to carry you wherever. To let you run and dance and move freely in space.
That «pelican» nose lets you smell all the delicious pastries and flowers and Bath and Body Works lotion you want.
Isn't that something to be proud of?
To cherish?
I should think so.

I hope that was helpful!
Kind of a long one but I hope I made 17 magazine proud!
love you all more than you know,


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 1

How are my beautiful fudgies doing today?<3

Before I start, I just wanted to announce that with your help THE FUDGE PERFECTION PROJECT BRACELETS ARE BEING MADE RIGHT NOW!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!
I am so ecstatic! Thank you all for your help and support.
They will arrive in a couple of week so be patient :)

Now lets get to the order of the day!
I have had this Seventeen Magazine Body Peace Treaty clipping on my desk for several months, and I decided to write about a different vow from this treaty everyday until we go through the entire thing!
Sound good?
Since this is kind of a one way conversation, Im going to take that as a yes...:)

Vow 1: Remember that the sun will rise tommorow even if I had one too many slice of pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream tonight.

Easier said than done, am I right? (Why do I keep asking you guys questions when I KNOW you can't answer them? Maybe they should have never let me out of the looney bin...:P)

But in all seriousness this is so vital to your sanity, so here are a few tips to help you move on from these situations:

1. Remind yourself that indulging once in a while is good, it's HEALTHY, it lets you dip into guilty pleasures, makes you feel a litte rage-against-the-nutritionist rebellious, and overall in the moment makes you feel better. BUT BE CAREFUL: as soon as you are done, MOOOOVVVE ONNNN! Do not dwell, or feel guilty, or panic because according to you, an extra 184 calories will somehow affect the truly awesome individual that you are...

2. When I binged, the part that truly drove me insane was the taste of the food in my mouth. It reminded me of what had happened and enabled me from getting back to real life.
So what I would recommend is, if it is possible, brush your teeth, focusing mostly on your tongue, considering that little sucker holds the guilt-inducing taste buds.
If thats not possible, drinking a couple of chugs of water (I prefer flavored 'cause it tastes like heaven rain...I'm an addict and I'm proud) will wash out the taste and clear your system as well :)

3. Last but not least, GET YOUR MIND OFF OF IT! Read a book, dance around your room (compulsive exercising is NOT AEROBICS, I know your tricks; I used the same ones :P), paint, watch Friends, whatever it takes to make you realize that tommorow you are still gonna be the beautiful person you were before the pizza:)
Also, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to do the 3 things you love about yourself tip right before you go to bed: (GOT NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT? Need a little reminder? http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-5-hungry.html

Thats all for today!
Stay gorgeous, dolls <3


Fear not. We are back.

Well hey there!

I seriously am the most inconsistent blogger ever.
And for that I apologize.

Moooooooving on :)

Update #1: I have succombed to the temptation of biting my fingers. I know :( , I was doing well for several weeks but I am working on my SSATs and school applications for next year and it's all very...
You know how it is:P
But I will get back on the biting-free bandwagon soon, have no fear!

Update #2: I have already started planning and booking several workshops for this fall that I am ECSTATIC about, but if you want me to come to your school, to your sister's schools, to your GSA meeting (oh my god, please do. I would litterally give my left arm to go to a GSA meeting) hit me up at fudgeperfection@gmail.com.

Update #3: Bracelets. We need to make them. Well, need is a strong word. Would like to is a more appropriate sentiment. Do any of you know of any manufacturers? I have seen some online but they seem a tad bit sketchy...
If you any sketches or ideas for the aforementioned bracelets, hit us up!

That is all <3


Coming to you this fall <3

My gorgeous dolls.
I am back.
I have missed you so much, truly.

I have some great news for y'all!
I am coming to you this fall!


That sounds so beyond weird.
Basically I am planning some conferences, workshops, whatever u wanna call em at some local high schools, youth center groups, whoever wants to hear me babble and make weird faces!!!

So If you want me to drop by your school or community, wherever, I repeat, w.h.e.r.e.v.e.r. You live, email us at fudgeperfection@gmail.com

I would love to travel as well, spreading the love far and wide.
Sue me. I'm cheesy. It's very late at night oh-kaiii??? :P

I truly sincerely love each of your delightful faces,



One last thing...

My dolls! How I have missed you!
Sadly I'm leaving tommorow out of the country where I will have a real excuse not to post on the blog for the next 3 weeks...

Sigh I know I live for you guys

Buuuuuut before I leave I have a treat for you!!!!
The body image project, a fellow amazing blogspot, has published my submission for my story!!!
I am so excited!

Please be the lambs I know y'all are and check it out here:

Love u so much.
Can't wait to come back home in 3 weeks with more conferences, and posts and all that loveliness.

In the meantime keep reading.
Keep loving your beautiful selves.
Adieu for now!!! <3


Ps: congrats to my amazingly awesome sec 4 graduates!!!!
And everyone else MUAH!
U be smart don't forget!


A little bit of Monday Sunshine

I don't even...
I have no excuse for my horrifically inexcusably long hiatus.
I am here today to make all ma fudgies feel a little bit better about the despicable creature that is Monday.
Just a couple of little dooblidoos to make your day a little bit more yoohoo, less boohoo.
You're welcome :P

1. Trisha Paytas, aka blndsundoll4mj. Being as fabulous as she always is.
Brainwashing sister, you are my idol :) <3 God Bless this child :P

2. A lovely blogger by the name of Tiffany Myers, aka Huge Love, wrote this post a little while ago, but I thought I would share it with you anyways, cause its still lovely <3
NOTE: Tiffany is a very spiritual person. You do not need to believe in her faith to understand her point of view and her message.
Interpretation is key, dolls :)

3. A little quote by a good friend of mine.
Dont judge, he's fabulous in his own right.
SIDENOTE:  this is the 2nd animated character I have quoted (Doris being the first). Do you see a pattern here? GO BACK AND WATCH ALL YOUR OLD VHS MOVIES. YOU WILL LEARN :P
Alright here it goes:
«But after a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and you just trust who you are»
Join me in this moment of admiration for a big, green ogre. A beautiful green ogre.

«I took your monday and made it happy :)»
-Michael Buckley
That was just a quote from one of my fave gays, but a true expression of my heart :)