Monday's Uplifting Videos

Hey dolls!

I have a super quick post for you all today. I found 2 videos recently I really enjoyed, so I thought I would share:)

1. I've Got What it Takes, by Alex Day
This video is absolutely adorable! I love the lyrics: «Failure is still something I can say I've achieved».
My year so far has been absolutely blessed, but only because I took a lot of risks and worked very hard to achieve what seemed like unreachable dreams. So if any of you are holding back on trying something new or reaching for the stars in fear of failure, always remember that quote.

2. Steph Busta's How I Learned to Love Myself
This video is so interesting to me for the very reason that it indirectly speaks of beauty ideals within different communities. She recounts her high school insecurities brought on by her pale skin and straight hair, feeling left out of the hispanic community in which she was brought up. Ironically, in predominantly caucasian communities, she would have been the perfect prototype of beauty. Consequently, her story proves that you can never fit the perfection mold, because it doesn't exist in one shape or form.

Alright fudgies, that is all :)


Presents to give yourself: have a better day

Hello dear fudgies!:)

I have another post planned out for this week, but I wanted to top off this lovely Thursday with a picture I found yesterday, and instantly adored.

I was shopping at Light a Dream ( links here to know more about this awesome charity: http://www.lightadream.com/home.html) and found this paper taped up to the wall.

It is a list of presents you can give yourself each day, to make your life a little fuller, a little better, a little happier. I am a big believer in these kind of distractions from the darkness in our lives.

If ever your day is looking a little gray, whip open this list and find your own personal ray of sunshine.

They may not seem drastic enough to change a life, but we live day by day, and if every day is just a bit more of a present, so is life.