Do Not Be That Girl

Hello my beautiful fudgies!

I have a little message for you all:

Do not be that girl who needs a boyfriend.
Who doesn't feel complete without one. Who values her selfworth and others by their relationship status.
Who cares so much about what guys think of her that she loses touch of who she actually is.
Who dates guys just to say she has a bf. Not cuz she actually likes him or anything.

Don't lie; you know at least one girl like that, and most likely you have one friend like that.
If you are that girl, it's time to stop. ASAP.

Stop changing yourself to please this guy that might not even like the character you are playing. Be you instead. If he doesn't like that, fudge him. He's missing out, but if you had been playing a part and he ended up liking that role, YOU are missing out.

On being yourself. On finding someone who likes you for you.
So what happens when it ends? You get all the drama, all the awkward, all the fighting the tears...for what?

You didn't even lose someone, it wasn't you he was dating.

This is a rant, and an honest cry to all girls. Please for the love of all that is holy.

Don't be that girl. Be you.

Aight that's enuff. Loves and hugs as always,



Bad Days

We all have those days.
Your hair looks like a fat, frizzy mushroom.
Your face...it looks distorted.
You can't get anything right.You're not smart.
You wish you could just zap those hips away.
No one likes you.
Always remember that those days can't be prevented. Im sorry. Science, god knows why, is not there yet.
Just tough it out. Smile. Laugh. Let go and just stop worrying.

Hold on to whats to come. Anything that can make you get through this hell. It can be that seeping hot lush bath waiting at home.
Or your plans for the weekend. Next month. Whenever.

***In light of the loss of Glenda Monster, I want to honour her soul and help you understand the value of a life.
This post is for all of you, but especially for you Glenda. May you R.I.P.

That is all my darlings,
Till next time,


Behind the Scenes of the FPP promo video

To everyone who set foot in that studio to help me take a step closer to my ultimate goal of the year, thank you.
You are all my inspirations.
I love you, and you are super star mirror cleaners.

Here are some raw, unedited (yet) footage of the celebration of self-worth :)

Becca being a star- as always 

 awww on t'aime aussi laurence
si sa marche pas checkez ici :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2I1ht_yAJk&feature=youtu.be


Rainbow eyebrows

Good God I feel like I've deserted you guys, but im not done TRUST ME!

Yesterday me and my girl Vanessa decided to go all warrior crazy cirque du soleil on her face.
Hopefully it'll make its way into the vid, but for now its gonna sit here and entertain you.

I was kinda wonderin if a cropped, polished version of this might be good for the BOOM of the song? Its at 0:36 of shake it out btw...you can kind of hear it in the vid :P

So from normal child...
 to lady gagas unknown cousin :P
 please excuse my seriously sick-sounding voice, my cold got the best of me. just giving cues :P


My loves,

Your support is amazing, and though sometimes I don't want to check my inbox in fear of 50 more emails, I always do, because this matters to me. It just matter period.

Anyways, when I can't post everyday, or when you want a little more love sent your way, I thought I'd give you some links to people whose power to make others smile inspires me.

Just tell them fudgeperfection.blogspot.com sent u, mmkay? thank u :P



Size OMG who cares?!

Ahhh the famous size on our jeans...
It seems as though nothing else really matters right?

Does a size define you? Are you a better person for it?
Is your beauty held accountable for such a meaningless number?

If I actually have to help you answer no, welcome to teenage girl world.
A place where no one can dream of seeing beauty beyond their ideal size.

What if...and keep your jaws screwed on my loves, it made you...YOU!

Let's take for example my friend Gab. Sure, she's not a zero. Why? Well she just so happens to be an amazing athlete who needs a little more than a toothpick to push her towards her dreams.

Whatever size you are, its just a little part of you! Trust me you can achieve greater things if you focus on your dreams. On your friends. On your happiness.

And trust me. Joy will not appear when u magically drop down to that perfect size. Insecurities will be there with you. Like donkey to shrek, don't let it bother u. Imbrace them, mmmkay?
<3 to all y'all