These are a few of my favorite things...

Happy monday, fudgies! <3

Today I'm simply showing you some of my favorite Internet, body positive discoveries!
But fear not, you have not seen the last of me this week, because eI have some pretty big stuff in the works for you guys!
Aaaannd, on top of all that excitment, there is a certain ice cream-related post being written as you're reading this, so you know this week will be fierce. 

So here we go: my top 3 body positive findings of the week!

1. Trisha Paytas' Beauty at Every Size

She's done it again! Honestly, I do not follow her youtube content, but when Trisha comes out with these great videos and you, dear fudgies, kindly send me their links, I am always very happy to see that bright, bubbly blond appear on my screen. Hoorah to Trish <3

2. This picture, among others, I found on tumblr.
It depicts an ad, found in 1950s archives, selling what I can only assume is a weight-gain product.
Personally, I am not going to go into the whole «my oh my, how times have changed, this is how women should look, curves are pretty, bones are not» spiel, because I don't believe in bashing anybody's body type, wether curvy or narrow. 
As a matter of fact, that is precisely the message I personally take from this picture. 
People are somehow under the impression that before our generation, women lived in a world where bodies of all types were accepted and treated equally. However, I believe this picture proves that even back in those days, certain body types weren't making the magazine covers, weren't considered the standard for beauty. It just so happens that back in the day, the narrower, thinner girls were the ones being bashed, even though for most of them, they had absolutely no control over their body types (genetics, poverty).

In 2013, the roles of curvy/versus/narrow have simply been reversed.
So you see? For some women to be considered «ideally beautiful», others have to be...well, not. 

3. Finally, the body image project blog
As some of you may know, last summer I wrote an article for this blog: The Body Image Project
Last night, I was parousing its content and was floored by the incredible honesty, truth and diversity of the blog's anonymous or famous entries.
Go check it out, it is worth while!

Well, that is all for today, dolls. <3
Have a happy rest-of-Monday and see yall later this week :)



In Crisis

Happy Monday, fudgies!

Today's topic is certainly not the most uplifting and light-hearted of subjects, but it is one I feel is necessary.

As I was working out this afternoon, my elliptical's TV screen caught my attention. The suicide of computer programmer extraordinaire Aaron Schwartz was being discussed on CNN, and it got me to thinking.
Sadly, I don't know most of you in real life, but I would feel responsible if anything ever happened to you, because when someone is in crisis, all they need is a little guidance, and I looooove to guide.

Obviously, I am not the Messiah or anything, but if you are ever in a situation where suicidal thoughts or intentions appear predominant, you may feel completely lost as to what steps you can take to assure your safety.
Here are some tools I hope you will never need to use, but just in case you are so unfortunate, do not hesitate even so much as a second to take advantage of these resources:

***IMPORTANT: BEFORE ANY OF THESE STEPS: Your health comes first, and that is all. Often, people will think «oh, I can't go to the hospital, I have a math exam» or «oh, but I have that permission slip to give in», and therefor you put on the backburner YOUR SAFETY. 
Think of it this way: if you were to be hit by a bus, God forbid, I don't think your boss, teacher or friends would be offended  by your trip to the hospital. Why? BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.

So please, take a step back to look at the grand scheme of things, and do whatever it takes to get help.

1. A suicide hotline. 
Type into google your CITY + SUICIDE HOTLINE and a local crisis operator will help you, and probably guide you towards these next resources.

2. A crisis center
You would be surprised to see how many crisis centers there are in your area.
Again, look up your CITY+CRISIS CENTER and, if you can, find the one closest to you.
They usually prefer if you call before heading out to visit, so they can be totally prepared for your arrival and take care of you upon arrival, plus they may even come pick you up if you are unable to get there by your own transportation, so find the phone number on their website or yellow page and dial up :)

3. Any local health clinic
In Quebec, we have CLSCs, which are free walk-in clinics. If you know of such facilities in your area, head out there, but AGAIN, CALL IN ADVANCE AND THEY WILL BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR NEEDS AT YOUR ARRIVAL.

4. Last resort, but do not hesitate to go: HOSPITAL
Most hospitals I know of take suicidal thoughts/intentions very seriously, and IF YOU CALL IN ADVANCE, they will expect your arrival and send you off to help right away, so you don't have to wait in line for hours.

I know most of you knew all of this already, but in a state of complete panic, we often forget everything we once thought we knew inately.
Be safe my loves, reach out as quickly as you can and keep fudging perfection.




The Thigh Gap: WTF

My darling fudgies,
I am returning from vacation with this post about «THE GAP».

The store, you may wonder?
I wish that was it, dear fudgies, for this subject is far more enfuriating than preppy clothes.

I cannot remember in what blog article, video or tumblr post I first heard about the Gap.
However, I do remember taking my computer on a wild trip, flying right out of my window.
I kid, of course... (in a completely unrelated subject matter, I am writing this post on my iPhone)

For all the lucky girls who have yet to hear about the Gap, here is the definition:
the amount of space between ones thighs, aka the Gap. 

How about no.

As you can imagine, the tumblr thinspo crowd loooooooves to talk about their lack of gap, also the lack of food they eat to achieve this gap.
Sometimes, Tumblr, you let me down.

Here are my top 3 (top, because there are about 1000 reasons why this is inherently wrong) reasons why this whole Gap talk needs to Go.

1. Genetics
This presumptious gap is actually due to something like 80% genetics, DNA, what your parents gave you. Whether you have wide or narrow hips, your metabolism, your bone structure, these are ALL REASONS WHY GIRLS CAN HAVE THIS GAP AND WHY SOME GIRLS, TRY THEY MAY, CANNOT. 

2. Objectification
I, in my life, have actually heard a guy say to his equally stupid friend: I love yoga pants, you can totally see if a girl has the gap. 
Well, dear gentleman, those words surely showed me you ALSO have a gap, IT IS THE EMPTY SPACE BETWEEN YOUR EARS.
If this leg gap, or lack thereof, has become a reason to date someone, I don't want to live on this earth anymore.

The distance between your thighs is, under no circomstance, a prerequisite for beauty.
You should never let something you can  barely control yourself affect your confidence.
The right people will not love or hate you for the gap. «the right people» should also include yourself.
Stop worrying so much about the Gap.
Fudge the Gap.

As GG would say, STAY GORGEOUS