The Thigh Gap: WTF

My darling fudgies,
I am returning from vacation with this post about «THE GAP».

The store, you may wonder?
I wish that was it, dear fudgies, for this subject is far more enfuriating than preppy clothes.

I cannot remember in what blog article, video or tumblr post I first heard about the Gap.
However, I do remember taking my computer on a wild trip, flying right out of my window.
I kid, of course... (in a completely unrelated subject matter, I am writing this post on my iPhone)

For all the lucky girls who have yet to hear about the Gap, here is the definition:
the amount of space between ones thighs, aka the Gap. 

How about no.

As you can imagine, the tumblr thinspo crowd loooooooves to talk about their lack of gap, also the lack of food they eat to achieve this gap.
Sometimes, Tumblr, you let me down.

Here are my top 3 (top, because there are about 1000 reasons why this is inherently wrong) reasons why this whole Gap talk needs to Go.

1. Genetics
This presumptious gap is actually due to something like 80% genetics, DNA, what your parents gave you. Whether you have wide or narrow hips, your metabolism, your bone structure, these are ALL REASONS WHY GIRLS CAN HAVE THIS GAP AND WHY SOME GIRLS, TRY THEY MAY, CANNOT. 

2. Objectification
I, in my life, have actually heard a guy say to his equally stupid friend: I love yoga pants, you can totally see if a girl has the gap. 
Well, dear gentleman, those words surely showed me you ALSO have a gap, IT IS THE EMPTY SPACE BETWEEN YOUR EARS.
If this leg gap, or lack thereof, has become a reason to date someone, I don't want to live on this earth anymore.

The distance between your thighs is, under no circomstance, a prerequisite for beauty.
You should never let something you can  barely control yourself affect your confidence.
The right people will not love or hate you for the gap. «the right people» should also include yourself.
Stop worrying so much about the Gap.
Fudge the Gap.

As GG would say, STAY GORGEOUS

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