Forethoughts of the jump

Hey guys!

Just had to share this piece with you guys. Found in on tumblr, it is terribly heartbreaking :(

As she straddled the line between the cold titanium rods and the sea’s quiet graveyard, she rocked back and forth, swaying in the wind, letting the salty air move her every broken fragment. Eyes closed, hands slightly grasping a rope, she smiled.

She thought of Sam. His snide tongue covered her top to bottom with tiny pins in the form of cruel words, while being cheered on by the whoops and hollers of his blood lusty herd. Would he even feel guilty about where she was tonight, dipping her toes in the ocean’s plunging neckline, or would her jump justify all his poisonous jokes and destructive lies?  She had stopped smiling.

She thought of Sandy. Sweet little sandy, all wispy bangs and crooked nose, heeling her every bruise and woes, could she sew a smile back on thisbroken doll so morose? Did she not see her gingham smock get splattered and stained by the blood running from her heart’s pouring veins? Or did she just turn away,wispy bangs aside and crooked nose upturned in disgrace? She had started crying.

She thought of poppa. Dear, old poppa, bless his trying soul, working and working in the old souvenir store. Sitting down on her bed to kiss her goodnight, could he see the nightmares brewing when he turned off the lights?When the school called to send her back home, did he sneer at the thought that she needed to be alone? She had started weeping.

She thought of Miss MacGyver. Her long spidery hands resting upon her shoulders reassuring her it wasn’t as brutal when kids grow taller. Yet 4thgrade prophecies turn to bitter sweet lies, when playground shoves turn to name calling fights. Did she really see the pain in this little girl’s eyes, or did she just spew out the same crap she had been ordered to memorize? She had started ungrasping.

She thought of every look, every glare, every time she «accidently» fell down the stairs. She thought of the brave smile she beamed at her teachers, she thought of the day her friends no longer spoke to her. She thought of the lonely lunch table she occupied for 4 years, she thought of the illustrious parties her classmates yelled about, making sure she would hear. She thought of the night she walked up to this lonely bridge, and climbed the silver poles,and then she thought of her funeral, to which no one would go. She had started falling. 

please know I love you guys, if you are in crisis do not hesitate to contact me <3


New favorite tumblr!:)

To kick off my new series inspired by pictures, posts, or GIFs I have found on tumblr, I decided to share with you my favorite body positive tumblr:


It is very well rounded, incredibly rich in information, and shares the same values as the fpp, so be sure to check it out and follow if you like what you see :)

That's it dolls!
See you later this week! <3



New article for Drop of Pink!:)

Hello fudgies!

You may remember last year I wrote an article for a uk-based web magazine called Drop Of Pink. They were incredibly sweet to publish a 16 year old, and they have done it yet again!

I found an old article I wrote about healthy chip alternatives, edited it and sent it to them, and for some miraculous reason they agreed to publish it!

So here is the link: http://m.dropofpink.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dropofpink.com%2F&dm_redirected=true#2781

Or just visit dropofpink.com for more :)

Just wanted to share the good news with my favorite dolls. Have a great weekend!




Hello fudgies!
I have missed you all so much, but I have been very busy lately, and also very blessed, which is why I want to write this post.

These past few months, I have been blessed with some wonderful news, on top of everything else I am already thankful for. I try to make sure that I am conscious of these blessings, but if there is one thing I didn't always treat with gratitude, it was my food.

I used to, and unfortunately still do sometimes, human nature's imperfection and all, use food as a coping mechanism. Food was therefor no longer a vital part of my day, it became of drug. And that needed to change.

So I decided to start saying grace before my meals. Now THIS IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A RELIGIOUS TRADITION I AM OBLIGING TO, I do not thank any particular god or higher being. If you want to do so, by all means, if not, the results will be the same.

I simply take a milli second before eating to realize that this meal is a gift many in this world do not possess.

What it does for me is change the way I view food. It's not a way to lose control or self destruct. It is food, and that is enough.

I just wanted to let you all know so you can try it out! Disordered relationship with food or not, counting your blessings can brighten your day!

Have a great week, doll faces<3