Exercise Bulimia: Know The Signs

Hello my sweeties

Exercise is amazing, isn't it?
I wouldn't know, since I basically spend my life blogging, studying and watching Bob's Burgers, but I've heard it's quite nice.

The key word here is healthy, exercise is healthy. But if you've ever heard of exercise bulimia, you know that sometimes, it can go too far.

You can google the definition for an exact DSM-regulated word for word description, but here's how I see it:
"the act of exercising in order to lose weight to the detriment of one's health"

But don't most of us exercise to shed those calories? How do we know if we've gone too far? 

Fear not, I'm here to help! Here are 2 tell tale signs that you should reconsider your exercise mentality, and what you can do about them!
**but if you do find yourself identifying with these symptoms, please see a doctor/counselor. I am no professional. Much love<3

1. Are your bones hurting?

(Apparently) there's nothing like a good post-workout ache to make you feel whole.
But a critical part of exercise bulimia is the extreme level of pain one is willing to put him or herself through in order to lose weight.

When you vomit, pass out, feel pain for several days, lose your period and enjoy it, chances are your body and mind need an intervention.

You do not need to punish yourself for eating, which is, by the way, kind of an essential act in human existence. And while it's good that you're motivated, it's important that you listen to your body when it speaks to you.
Seeing stars? stop. 
About to vomit? stahp. 
Falling over? staaahhhpppp. 

Even though you may feel like those are good signs, they are not, trust me.
Overexercising can make it impossible for you to keep up a healthy exercise routine. Think about it:
If you're not taking any rest days, it will become impossible for you to walk, much less run.

It's all about moderation!

2. Are you squatting instead of befriending?

Another tell-tale sign is that exercise basically becomes your entire life.
Just like anorexics consume their thoughts with food restriction, and even avoid social situations to ensure that their calorie count of the day is low enough,
people who suffer from exercise bulimia center their lives around working out.
Canceling plans to workout
Constantly thinking about your next workout
Missing work or school in order to workout
Becoming irrationally depressed if unable to workout...

If this sounds like you, your life has been overrun by a treadmill (see what I did there? I'm not funny).
Quitting anything cold turkey is often difficult to uphold, especially concerning dangerous behaviors.
So baby steps are the way to go!
-Make plans to workout with a friend. You can distract yourself from the intensity of your workout and she can check you if you go a bit overboard with the squats.
-Carry around a rubber band and snap it around your wrist every time you think of working out more than twice in the same hour.
-Find activities that get your heart rate pumping that are less about calorie counting and more about having a good time. I've heard zumba is a blast!


Most importantly, I want you all to know that even if you don't identify 100% with these symptoms, it is still okay to ask for help.
No one will belittle or laugh at you.
Your problems matter.




Sam Pepper: Get Yo Hand Off My Butt

Hello my darling fudgies!

Recently, Sam Pepper, famous Youtuber and overall d*ckweed has released a video where he walks around the streets of London and fondles girl's butts.
Without their consent of course, because then it's funny right? Then it's a prank, right?

Nope, then it's sexual assault.

Many intelligent people have given their 2 cents about this topic, including Laci Green, so I think it is safe to say that you all know why this is wrong in general. I've also written about Youtube celebrity culture and sexual behaviors in an article here.
But Let me tell you why this video upsets me personally.

When I was 14, leaving my house, nay, leaving my room, was sort of a challenging task. I was afraid someone would see me from school and make a negative comment about me in their head. I was afraid someone would honk, or I would fall, or I would breathe wrong.

Keep in mind that nothing terrible had ever happened to me as a result of leaving my house, but still, agoraphobia was pretty much a 24/7 demon.

Now with the help of medication and meditation and a bit of common sense, I can easily leave my house, hair a ratchet mess, in my sweatpants, not a care in the world.

But there's still a part of me that fears something like this. Something exactly like a random stranger pinching by butt.

If Sam Pepper or another entitled male ever did something similar to this, here are my 3 possible reactions:

1. Slap the jaw off of this child. #deservedit
2. Go on a feminist rant about sexual assault and the entitled male and curse him with my feminist super powers.
3. Never leave the house again.

It's the 3rd one that makes me nervous. I can guarantee that many of the girls whose butt was pinched reacted in a lighthearted way, even if they were violently uncomfortable, did not find it funny. Like, at all. I can't say any of them were recovering agoraphobics, but if it were to happen to me, all those negative ideas would come flooding back into my brain.

Keep that in mind when you're doing anything: how will this impact another person's day?




Flattering Your Body?

Hello my beautiful angels

I recently watched this awesome video by stophatingyourbody creator Annie, which I have linked at the bottom of this post, and was profoundly inspired to talk about the idea of wearing clothes that flatter your body.

Now, I must admit to you, I am torn on the subject. This won't be an angry one sided rant, though I know they are mighty entertaining to you all. My apologies<3

      Because on one hand, I think that flattering your body is a weird concept.

On one hand, I think it means "wear clothes that make you look thinner", as if that should be everyone's goal look. Because really, when you say "that is not flattering on her", don't we all really mean she looks bigger than she actually is?

On one hand, I think you should be confident no matter what you wear, no matter how "unflattering". You shouldn't need to dress a certain way in order to be comfortable in your truth.

On one hand, I think it's an idea formed by marketing strategists in order to sell more clothes. Levi's recently came out with different styles of jeans to flatter "every different type of body shape". Might as well put up a sign that says "come into our store and we will tell you your jeans make you look thinner. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY".

     But on the other hand, I'm not so sure.

The idea of clothes that "flatter your body" doesn't have to be about looking thin, we can define the terms we use. It can mean your boobs look fantastic, or your legs look really long, or your curves are even accentuated. As long as you properly define your own vocabulary by explaining what you mean by "that shirt is really flattering", you can take back the negative connotations of the expression.

I also know how amazing I feel when I slip on my favorite jeans, or my 5 inch heels. Sure, I should look and feel great when I look like death, but sometimes we all need a little help. Self-love is a process, and it can start just by finding what makes you feel beautiful, so why not pick something "flattering"?

Look, maybe it is a marketing plot by evil companies. But here's the truth: as most things in life, it's about moderation.
Don't wear clothes that make you feel like a sack of potatoes just to prove a point.
Don't have a nervous breakdown if your only flattering sweater has a stain on it.
Know the balance of the flattering equilibrium, and you'll take back the night.




All About That Bass= New Blurred Lines?

Hello my sweets!

Meghan Trainor's hot summer jam is being compared to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, and on one hand I can see why: after all it has been one of the seasons' most radio blasted songs, and it also has lyrics that make some uncomfortable. 

Now this isn't exactly new, but many of you wanted my input on the topic, so here it is: 

On a scale of 1 to 10 concerning horrible lyrics, Blurred Lines being a creepy rape-y 10, AATB is maybe a 5. Here is why: 

 "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night" 

The idea in this lyric is that you should love your body because men will. 
Meghan, pumpkin, you should love your body because you love your body. Looking for approval from others is pathetic and can only lead to heartache. 

Also another good point the critics have made is that this song is a bit of a thin shaming anthem. I am not even a very skinny girl and I am ass deficient, so hearing that boys aren't gonna wanna snuggle with me does not make me feel like every inch of me is perfect from the bottom to the top. 

I obviously get the general self love message of this song, I really do. But when Hollywwod decides to put out a self love song just to appeal to the insecure masses it makes my blood boil even more. If you want to make girls feel beautiful, cater to everyone, of all shapes and sizes. 

That's my quick opinion, y'all! Have an awesome week.