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Someone's excited to find our «About» page:)

...you're probably asking yourself what exactly you've stumbled upon...let me help you out...

The Fudge Perfection Project is an organization. A movement. A revolution, if I may be so bold, and if you read my articles, you will realize I always am:)

***NO, I'm sorry we are not a cooking club, though our misleading title has confused quite a few newcomers, so don't beat yourself up. We still love you :) (for the actual meaning behind our
name: click here)

Here I am, posing for one of our first, and more famous promo pictures from 2012 :)

I am...Hi! I run the blog, post most of the articles, update the twitter, answer the emails, the whole nine yards. But the FPP isn't this cult I'm trying to start. I'm not the guru, I'm just a girl who writes about the things that matter to her, and hopefully they will matter to you too.

I'm sure you've come to the concusion that I once suffered from an eating disorder, and you're right. Cue the sad violin.
5 years to be exact, and still recovering, but I talk more about that in this article: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/03/cure.html

I love all your faces so much, and love to hear from them, so keep those tweets and emails coming!

If you still wanna know more about me:

1. Frequently Asked Questions 2013 part 1

2. FAQ part 2: video blog

3. 2014: answering 50 personal questions

WHAT DO WE DO: In a few short words, the FPP is exactly as the name of the organization implies ; we invite everybody to just fudge (forget, if you're not comfortable with the delicious term) perfection. Posting researched articles, personal experiences, tips, tricks, and challenges,  all to slowly, but surely change the growing societal mentality of beauty perfectionism.

If you want a more detailed version of our mission check out this post.
We also give conferences, speeches, meetings, and workshops at elementary and high schools, as well as various youth groups. If you want more info, don't be afraid to reach us at fudgeperfection@gmail.com

I also write regularly or have written for several web magazines and blogs, including ANEB Quebec, Adios Barbie, Drop of Pink, Groupe Equilibre, and The Body Image Project. Scour the internet if you must read them! The "essential" FP articles, meaning the ones I suggest you start out with, are to your right, knock yourself out.

Also check out some of our videos from our youtube channel, Fudge Perfection, like this campaign!


Reading the blog, thinking about what body positive changes you can make to your life, and applying them in small steps...that's all I could hope for.

But if you want to do more, be featured on the blog, and make me the happiest girl in the world, click here to find out more.

Anyone can get involved, and the more the merrier (proof: the picture on the right; all that excitement with no illicit substance use? Go get you some)

Still curious??? Here are some links:


Have a beautiful day:)



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