Should You Be Wearing That?

Hello darlings!

While I was researching my dashboard for picture ideas, I fell upon this post. Obviously, we are going to ignore some sort of reality star being, as a real housewife must be, ridiculous. I want to focus today on the topic of expression and conforming to others ideals.

Many people believe, consciously or not, that people of a certain figure, a certain weight or a certain structure have to dress a certain way.

Though we may associate them with a curvier body type, these snarky comments can attack even the thinnest of people.

Don't know what I'm talking about? How about some examples:

-OMG have you seeeen her thighs?! She should not be wearing those shorts

-OMG have you seen that 2 piece she's wearing? You can clearly see all her bones, anorexic twig.

...sound familiar? (If not, I want the address of the rock you are living under, so I can join you, STAT)

These remarks are made to mask insecurities, I promise you, yet it can still be hard not to listen to them.

Unsure about an outfit because you fear it is not appropriate for your figure? Doubtful of a piece of clothing because it doesn't fit the mold other people have prescribed to your body type? Self conscious about ANY expression of individuality you fear may cause some whispers?

Here is what I have to say to you:

It is THEIR problem. Their's, not yours.
What kind of sad life would we live if all our decisions were based on other's judgment of us? You can express yourself in any healthy manner you desire!

So what if they don't like looking at it? As far as I know, no one is holding a gun to their heads demanding that they stare at you all day.

If your fierceness is blinding these poor souls, they can put on some shades. Don't dim your light for those who don't see the beauty in it.


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