Ew. This Tastes like Guilt.


***Finger update: it has been a week now since my vow to quite munchin' on ma hands, and they are doing good. The swollenness has reduced by a ton, and the throbbing stopped for the first time since like the 4 th grade :) (CAN I HEAR ANOTHER HALLEUJIAH? TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!)

Oh. And guess what else came in today?
This day could not get any better :P

Anyways, in the new issue of Seventeen, there was an article about an old American Idol contestant who lost something like 60 pounds?
And she had these great tips, and one of them spoke to me so much :)

My interpretation:
Having dessert sparingly tastes a lot better, because you know you deserve it, and you can appreciate it. But when I ate a cheesecake every night, it just tasted like guilt. And you eat is so quickly that you can't take the time to appreciate the taste. 

Somebody give this girl a Nobel prize. This is so true, it practically got me emotional :P

There is a reason they don't sell Guilt flavored candy or salad dressing. It tastes awful.
Plus, since you know you're gonna cave the next day and go back to whatever you're eating, it doesn't seem that special.

Reserve a special day for whatever you crave. Mine is Friday night: Vampire Diaries/Degrassi. and chips :)
You can make it through the week without breaking down if you know that the chips are getting closer and closer each day, and you will certainly deserve them.
Once those cravings get into a pattern, and the consumption is more regular, the body doesn't freak out every time it sees a bag of chips.
It just says: Im having some friday. Im good :)

This is why Seventeen is God.
Hope yall enjoyed that!
I will be more regular...hopefully... :)


The "Abby" bashing

Warning: true story. If you think this is about you, it probably is. Haha :P

Once upon a time,

There were girls. Snide, bitchy, Regina George type girls.
This isn't new to any of you, I assume, for most of you are battling the evil machine that is high school at the moment.
And those girls RUN that freaking machine.

One random weekend, my friends and I, a little posse of Plastics, met a girl. Let's call her Abby. Everything was all fun and dandy until Abby rubbed one of us the wrong way.
Unleash the dogs, the dragons and the facebook bashing.

Everytime we would get together, we would log onto Facebook and look at her pictures. And laugh. And comment saying how ugly she was. How worthless and annoying she was.
Sigh. Gotta love Facebook.

I never really saw what they were laughing at to be quite honest.
This girl was actually very pretty and cool. But I kept laughing, imitating her face, cuz that's what the cool girls do, right?

Uh hum. Wrong.
When I came out of the hospital we got together again. And of course there was some Abby bashing on the agenda.
I watched them snicker, and then, as if god had struck me with the message, it hit me:

They. Are so. Jealous.

They were so insecure about themselves that they made up imaginary, but to them ginormous can't-miss, flaws, because they knew she was more well liked than them.
Somehow I looked at them, as if for the first time, and didn't see the girls I grew up with. The girls I spent my days and nights with. The pretty girls I thought they were.

I saw self-conscious monsters, who HAD to bring others down to their level to feel satisfaction.

So if any of you are being laughed at, or bullied, and you ask yourself what you did, or what you could do, the answer is so simple:

Take it from the girl who used to be on the other side of the screen.
You can do no right according to them, so why bother trying to better yourself to please their unpleaseable minds?

Be the best version of you, for you.
Even If they don't agree with your awesomeness, I do. I can see it.

That is all.
Love love love,


Quit. You're Worth It.

...I know. I know. Its been like a week since you've seen a new post. I am ashamed. But I still love you even if you remind me of my absence every two seconds.:P

« I look so good, I look so good, without you»
-Jesse James

Sign my name down on this internet contract, I am officially quitting.
No more tugging at my flesh until it's raw.
I am done with that fudge.

Alright, here's the scoop:
Since the 3rd grade Ive been compulsively picking at my skin.
The victim of this abuse: my poor damaged fingers
I never felt the need to stop.
Never gotten infected. Never affected my life.
Why the hell would I?

Thursday. May 17 2012.
I get my Etsy package in the mail (AHHHHHHHHHHH <3) and find that the owner gave me a free ring, just cause she rules.
I slip it on the next day, ever so nonchalantly.
After a particularily awful day I look down at my fingers, expecting to see the nightmare they usually are on 'em types of days.

 They were swollen, yes, but they had not been harmed at all.
As I looked back on my day, I saw myself fiddling and tugging my ring, and not my fingers.

I had quit. And I hadn't even noticed. God bless Etsy.
It's now been 3 days. And already they look much better.
And I FEEL much better.
Freer somehow.
The dark lords of my cuticles have let me go from slavery :P

So why should you quit? If it doesn't hurt you. Not reaaaalllllyy.
Because YOU CAN.
Because you don't need to bite your nails, or pull out your hair, or do whatever to be in control. Or to let out your stress or anger on your body.

You are much to beautiful to be wasting time on such sillyness.
Find your healthy outlet, and soon enough you won't even need it to make it through those tough days.

So in conclusion, etsy saved my life.
Juuuuust kidding. Well...
Anyways, if you ever wonder if or why you should quit, Do. Because you can.
And that should always be enough.

much love and hope I wont desert yall again like that,



Challenge 8: Dear diary...I'm amazing

Hey my gorgeous fudgies!! <3

Today, I'm back with our 8th challenge! This one has been inspired by Brittani Louise Taylor (and this video right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJTDPCjnUhw&feature=relmfu ), so give her a cyberhug for me.

BTW: did you know she is the reason the blog is called FUDGE perfection, and not, you know..the other word I could be using right now :P

Challenge 8:
Every night before bed, I want you all to fill ONE WHOLE PAGE in your diary/notebook/etch-a-sketch with the reasons why you are amazing. With your dreams, your goals. Whatever makes you feel pretty fudgin' amazing.

Write in the present tense the things that make you beautiful.
NOT: Well, I kinda think I have like alright hair...
FUDGE YES: My hair is downright fa.bu.lous. :P

Write in the girl-you-know-this-WILL-happen future tense your dreams and goals.
NOT: I think I may want to someday travel around the world. maybe.
FUDGE YES: I'm gonna take a trip around the world and see everything I want to see.

Writing down positive reinforcement sinks the information into your brain and shines the light on said affirmations, and lets the darkness in your life where it belongs. In the dark.

PLUS writing it in an affirmative way let's the brain know you are NOT fooling around :P

Try this for a week, and honestly you'll probably get hooked like I did.
This is similar to my post for Drop of Pink (heres the in-depth analysis: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-5-hungry.htmlhttp://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-5-hungry.html)

Hope BritBrit won't mind I jacked her style a little bit today, but I really enjoyed her words of wisdom.

«It's a good day to be alive»
Ron Pope, Good Day



Shoutout to someone we <3

Hey dolls! How's thursday treating you?

I just wanted to send some love to a great blogger I really love, another Montrealer (wootwoot!) and the title of her blog really says it all:


It's a great blog, updated daily (not like some people, coughcough, me) with really interesting and inspiring posts!

So go check her out and tell her the Fudge Perfection Family sent her a hug!

That's all for today fudgies!


Definition of a Fudgie

Fudgie: a member of the Fudge Perfection family.

Dory and Marlin, holding on together,
against the big bad perfection temptation-jellyfish :)
That's it.
No membership fee. No registration.No hazing.

It may seem like this organization is directed towards teen girls with eating disorders.
But life is already so segregated into different classes, different societies, different cliques.
We are all trying our best in this world to make it out alive, and having a place of comfort, a place to ask for help, for advice, a place where we can smile at the crazy white girl who overuses the words «babe» and «dolls» :P, can be that tiny little kick in the behind that keeps you going today.
And everyone deserves just that much.

Guys. 4th graders. Mothers. Regular people with regular problems.
There's a reason why I go to elementary schools, as well as girls only and co-ed high schools, and not rehabs and hospitals.
The pressure is everywhere. The temptation for perfection is everywhere. I'm just here, litterally, to help you say; fudge it.

So...you are trying to fudge perfection in your life?
Hi, and welcome to the FPP family. How may I help you today?
No matter the intensity of your insecurities, or how are they have/are taken/taking you, the goal is universal.

Take my advice, and twist it, turn it, adjust it, do whatever, and, as a great philosopher once said:

«Just keep swimming»
Dory, Finding Nemo

See? We even invite animated fish.
So trust me. You are invited to join this fight just as much as anyone else, I don't care who you are.

Love yo faces,



Check it :)

Hey dolls!!<3
New post tommorow, but just in case you don't follow us on twitter (@fudgeperfection) or you've been MIA, here are some videos we think you should check out :)

1. Our first video response came from a gorgeous fudgie in England!
Made me cry a bit...okay. fine. I wept like a toddler. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO TO ME GUYS! <3
so heres thebalanceblogs video:

2. Of course the FPP ad campaign, a result of 40 hours of editing, filming, organizing, but all so worth it :)

3. I'm sure many of you have seen it, but I just adore the simplicity of the filming, and the undeniable truth it tells. Dove also has a great site, just like us :P

4. And finally, a personal fave, from a girl I AH-DORE. Morgan Prichett, this ,honestly, is the best,
Also check out her channel, momo055650 on youtube she's fabulous :P


Oh Brother

To all ignored siblings,

It seems as though it can do no wrong. Its every move capts attention, its every word results in devotion. It leaves a trace, an impression, everywhere it lays its dominant foot.
But above all, it turns you into the other sibling.

It: the term used to designate the favorable sibling, for its perfection is beyond human, thus using the pronoun he/she is out of the question.

You feel compelled to despise him, yet you know it isn't its fault.
The people who compare you. The people who expect its clone. The people who everyday bookmark you as its untalented, unnecessary and unworthy of the family name sibling.
They, however, are slightly more to blame.

I know what you're going through. I know where it can take you, but you're not going to reach the edge of that cliff, not with me around, you won't <3

It doesn't matter how perfect your sibling seems, he isn't. I can hear you already:
Ooooh, but I have met him/her. Look up. See that picture? That's my favorable bro.
I could litterally write a novel about his accomplishments, and the number of people in awe of his intellect, but in no shape or form is he perfect.

Seeing perfection in places where it lies not can be detrimental to your entire mental stability.
Cuz seeing is believing. And when you believe such perfection is real, it becomes ubtainable, and down the drain you go, tralilalila pick up an eating disorder here, tralilalila grab a few addictions over there, 'tis the circle of life. A MISERABLE life, that is.

Let's go back to blondie up there; sure he may seem rather flawless, if you only look at his qualities,  
which I admit he does have quite a few, but there is more to him.
My brother, though so talented, cannot pass an art class to save his life.
His social skills? More like lack thereof.
Sure, I'm not fluent in Mandarin, but my English can kick. his. ass.

SEEEEE?! He's not perfect either!
Comparing their strenghts with your weaknesses isn't fair.
And those who do need to stop. Pronto. That includes you too :)
Remind yourself that you got a little bit of awesome going on too, no matter how insignificant you perceive it. Don't know how to? KEEP READING THE BLOG (shameless plug :P http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/)

In conclusion...Stop stressing over sibling-all-mighty. I love you. You're fabulous.


FAQ- Fudge Perfection : Gabby

Hey dolls!
Stay tuned for some shoutouts and video recommendations at the end:)

Today, on this fabulous Wednesday afternoon, I want to answer some Frequently Asked Question about the girl behind the posts, the emails, the crazy tweets (https://twitter.com/#!/fudgeperfection)  :)

1. How old are you?
I am 16 years old as I write these words , May 2nd, 2012. (Yeahhhh, not anymore: see updated FAQ HERE: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2013/06/questions-and-answers-2013.html?m=1)

2. Who else works with you?
A lot of people who dont like their names on the blog :)
You can find most of their faces in the FPP promo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VL9-niO8Ew
They do a lot of networking, site inspiration, and they were ESSENTIAL to the previously mentioned campaign video and of course all the promo pics we have ever made :)

3. Your twitter is crazy...
Not a question, but I would like to address that. The blog and the email are official representations of the Fudge Perfection Project. They are a result of hard work and professionalism.
The twitter however... I consider it more the twitter of the gir behind the screen.
If you want to know me better, or want to stalk my friends, follow me @Fudge Perfection

BIG THANKS TO SATURDAYNIGHTSALRITE/KARISSA for giving us good feedback on her formspring . check out her youtube here :) http://www.formspring.me/satnightalrite http://www.youtube.com/user/saturdaynightsarite 

Also huge shoutout to Emily Eddington, you may know her as emilynoel83, but on her second channel she made a series of very inspiring videos; amazing tips and great communication skills, from a conferencer to another :)
here's the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAmz3n6uXhw&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SP611A33F4204D603B

That's all for today. I know it was really quick but I didn't want to leave you hanging :)


Challenge 7: Shake It Off

«It's hard to dance with a devil on your back,
so shake him off»
-Florence and the Machine, Shake It Out

Every so often, I get asked if it bothers me that everyone and anyone can read about my personal struggles.
Strangers, but more importantly people I DO know, can parouse the content of the blog and snicker, and judge.
Am I not scared to put my name at the end of each post?
Am I not worried people from my school will mock me for it?

But I also know that I can't live my life lead by my fear of others' judgements. I spent 16 years doing that. Kinda over it :P

I sign my name at the end of each and every post, knowing that people can easily find out who I am.
However, I ALSO know that girls believe they can get better, believe in these little tricks because I'm not just a faceless person.
It's not just «other people have gone through what you're going through.»
Its me. Gabby. And I know what you're going through.

Today, I had my first negative experience in regards of my blog work.
Two kids in my homeroom snickering behind my back as I worked on the blog.
«It's her weird blog, like some Fudge shit.»
«Such a loser, hahahah»

It sucks, and you just feel like deleting every word you've ever put out on the internet.
So here comes my challenge.

Challenge 7: Shake it off
People will always try to bring you down.
Put down what you believe in, put down what you love, who you are.
But lemme let you in on a secret:
THOSE PEOPLE...are destined for a life of bitterness and shelf stocking at Costco ;)
They can go fudge themselves if they would like, because you are above them.

So everytime someone takes a little jab at you, follow this simple challenge:
1. Shake it off. Literally do a little wiggle. :P
That comment is staying on your mind, so you just gotta dust it off.
2. Confront them and smile.
They are so full of hate that a smile will litterally make them fall off their chair.
3. Walk away proud
Never quit on what makes you you, you'll always win in the long run.

Try it. It's actually pretty entertaining to see them twitch at your awesomeness <3

love your gorgeous faces