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Hey dolls!!<3
New post tommorow, but just in case you don't follow us on twitter (@fudgeperfection) or you've been MIA, here are some videos we think you should check out :)

1. Our first video response came from a gorgeous fudgie in England!
Made me cry a bit...okay. fine. I wept like a toddler. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO TO ME GUYS! <3
so heres thebalanceblogs video:

2. Of course the FPP ad campaign, a result of 40 hours of editing, filming, organizing, but all so worth it :)

3. I'm sure many of you have seen it, but I just adore the simplicity of the filming, and the undeniable truth it tells. Dove also has a great site, just like us :P

4. And finally, a personal fave, from a girl I AH-DORE. Morgan Prichett, this ,honestly, is the best,
Also check out her channel, momo055650 on youtube she's fabulous :P

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