Oh Brother

To all ignored siblings,

It seems as though it can do no wrong. Its every move capts attention, its every word results in devotion. It leaves a trace, an impression, everywhere it lays its dominant foot.
But above all, it turns you into the other sibling.

It: the term used to designate the favorable sibling, for its perfection is beyond human, thus using the pronoun he/she is out of the question.

You feel compelled to despise him, yet you know it isn't its fault.
The people who compare you. The people who expect its clone. The people who everyday bookmark you as its untalented, unnecessary and unworthy of the family name sibling.
They, however, are slightly more to blame.

I know what you're going through. I know where it can take you, but you're not going to reach the edge of that cliff, not with me around, you won't <3

It doesn't matter how perfect your sibling seems, he isn't. I can hear you already:
Ooooh, but I have met him/her. Look up. See that picture? That's my favorable bro.
I could litterally write a novel about his accomplishments, and the number of people in awe of his intellect, but in no shape or form is he perfect.

Seeing perfection in places where it lies not can be detrimental to your entire mental stability.
Cuz seeing is believing. And when you believe such perfection is real, it becomes ubtainable, and down the drain you go, tralilalila pick up an eating disorder here, tralilalila grab a few addictions over there, 'tis the circle of life. A MISERABLE life, that is.

Let's go back to blondie up there; sure he may seem rather flawless, if you only look at his qualities,  
which I admit he does have quite a few, but there is more to him.
My brother, though so talented, cannot pass an art class to save his life.
His social skills? More like lack thereof.
Sure, I'm not fluent in Mandarin, but my English can kick. his. ass.

SEEEEE?! He's not perfect either!
Comparing their strenghts with your weaknesses isn't fair.
And those who do need to stop. Pronto. That includes you too :)
Remind yourself that you got a little bit of awesome going on too, no matter how insignificant you perceive it. Don't know how to? KEEP READING THE BLOG (shameless plug :P http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/)

In conclusion...Stop stressing over sibling-all-mighty. I love you. You're fabulous.

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