Challenge 7: Shake It Off

«It's hard to dance with a devil on your back,
so shake him off»
-Florence and the Machine, Shake It Out

Every so often, I get asked if it bothers me that everyone and anyone can read about my personal struggles.
Strangers, but more importantly people I DO know, can parouse the content of the blog and snicker, and judge.
Am I not scared to put my name at the end of each post?
Am I not worried people from my school will mock me for it?

But I also know that I can't live my life lead by my fear of others' judgements. I spent 16 years doing that. Kinda over it :P

I sign my name at the end of each and every post, knowing that people can easily find out who I am.
However, I ALSO know that girls believe they can get better, believe in these little tricks because I'm not just a faceless person.
It's not just «other people have gone through what you're going through.»
Its me. Gabby. And I know what you're going through.

Today, I had my first negative experience in regards of my blog work.
Two kids in my homeroom snickering behind my back as I worked on the blog.
«It's her weird blog, like some Fudge shit.»
«Such a loser, hahahah»

It sucks, and you just feel like deleting every word you've ever put out on the internet.
So here comes my challenge.

Challenge 7: Shake it off
People will always try to bring you down.
Put down what you believe in, put down what you love, who you are.
But lemme let you in on a secret:
THOSE PEOPLE...are destined for a life of bitterness and shelf stocking at Costco ;)
They can go fudge themselves if they would like, because you are above them.

So everytime someone takes a little jab at you, follow this simple challenge:
1. Shake it off. Literally do a little wiggle. :P
That comment is staying on your mind, so you just gotta dust it off.
2. Confront them and smile.
They are so full of hate that a smile will litterally make them fall off their chair.
3. Walk away proud
Never quit on what makes you you, you'll always win in the long run.

Try it. It's actually pretty entertaining to see them twitch at your awesomeness <3

love your gorgeous faces


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