Kids; They've got it all figured out

Hello Dolls,

I'm in a little bit of a hurry, so I won't dabble into the reasons why I have been so AWOL lately, and I'll jump right into this late Sunday post :)

Kids. Mother Fudgin' Kids.
We underestimate them time and time again.
'cause honestly, they might have life figured out better than we do.
Example of the day; kid Gabby, circa early 2000s.

I've always been a writer. Ever since I can remember I always carried a cute little diary with me  and just wrote non-sensical but ever so fascinating stories. The hundreds of juice-stained and princess-sticker-covered notebooks in my closet speak for themselves; it's what I always wanted to be. That and Barbie, although the Barbie dream screwed me over big time later on during the horrible period that is adolescence :P

Anyways, if you read back every single one of my stories, there is a noticeable pattern, a discernable reccurance in these compelling tales.
In each story, there's a «favorite». A completely perfect character.
She is so easy to spot; she received my favorite names at the time, she looked exactly like what I wanted to look like, everything she said was perfectly calculated so that an unbiased reader would automatically love her, etc.

She was, in other words, my definition of perfect.

But guess what? There is also another pattern in my stories, and one that epitomizes the entire concept of this blog; the character I designed to be utterly flawless, was also utterly BORING.
If she was the main character, my story fell flat. It died after a few pages.
If she was a supporting character, she just faded away, becoming meaningless and invisible, behind the flaws of the interesting characters.

I understood the key to life at age 10; go figure I didn't know how to use it until I turned 16 :P

Life isn't about being exactly right, or being the perfect person we imagine in our silly brains.

Flaws made my characters STAND OUT, and their struggles made them 3 DIMENSIONAL and UNIQUE. No wonder they got their own little novels; hell the really bad ones even got sequels :)

And trust me, my plan as an aspiring author would have backfired. People don't like reading about how utterly flawless ones life is, they like to sympathize, laugh, cry, LIVE through people's moments.
That's what's worth reading. That's how life is worth living.

Wow did I say this would be a short post...LIES XD <3
xoxoxoxoo love ur gorgeous faces

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