The False Doll: by Najmah Bint Nasr

Hello my darlings!

This week's creative writing find is my Najmah Bint Nasr (themuslimbricks.wordpress.com)
Check her out, send her some love, and enjoy this piece entitled "The False Doll" 

Looking at my reflection
Surrounded by a sizzling fume
Suddenly, I see an image of you
Questioning who?
Cosmetic paint scattered on your face
Tears bursting down from your eyes
I feel your presence cold as ice
Why are you crying, oh young lass?
You are pretty but are you well?
You look good in pink but why frail?
Did someone tell a bully tale?
Did someone bid farewell?
Then, I hear what your heart beats
Everything what your mind thinks
It’s in your eyes showing disgrace
Visible in your actions fueled by hate
You want to gain a confidence within
And that reflection of thin
You don’t eat anything at lunch
You do an hour of cardio crunch
You are healthy and full of intellect
Even everyone say you have a short neck
Do not look at anyone’s body as perfect
To your body’s needs do not restrict
Do not let starving take your personality
Nor Barbie to distort the image of beauty
Do not feel awful when you fill your belly
And isolate yourself with insanity
Save yourself from that miserable state
Everyone has her own fate
Create your happiness now- do not wait
For the scale to drop down its trace

Have a wonderful rest of the week:)

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