This Voice Inside My Head

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I wrote a piece for the lovely blog Derriere Le Mirroir, which you can find here: http://www.derrierelemiroir.ca/on-blogue/cette-voix-dans-ma-tte-par-gabrielle-vachon/ , so I translated it for you:) Obviously it varies in little ways, typical bilingual problems, but I hope you enjoy the english version just the same.

This voice inside my head

There is a voice inside my head
Mine is different from yours, but we all have it just as well.

She points out all the wrongs on your body
Like the lack of space between your thighs
Or the enormous space between your eyes.
She asks why your clavicle isn’t prominent
Or why your stomach is so prominent

She builds a fort with your fixations
to keep you prisoner of your nonsense.
She fuels the fire of your obsessions with a dash of gasoline
So that when you look at your reflection, it’s all smoke and mirrors.
It feeds you your daily dose of humility,
so that you never recover from your poisonous lies.

There is a voice inside my head,
Stronger or weaker than yours, she speaks without end.

She fills your brain with images of pure fiction,
they deform your vision of your own body.
She whispers you insults from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go back to sleep,
They make your ears bleed and your heart weep.
And when someone compliments you, you don’t believe it for a second
This voice inside your head has become your reason.

But don’t forget that this voice is just in your head.
And it’s not a mountain of pills that will make her go quiet again.

You have to take down her prison, one fixation at a time,
So that you can finally be free of her shackles.
You have to put out your obsessions’ fire with a waterfall of truth,
So that your reflection can be clear of its smoky illusions.
You have to accept a dose of humility, but in moderation,
so that your brain can empty itself of her toxicity.

Close your eyes to what she wants you to see,
And open them to see beauty that transcends perfection.
Block your ears, shut out that tiring voice
And accept the kind words of your loved ones instead.

There was a voice inside my head,
But I made mine go quiet; will you let yours spread? 



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