How Fierce Was 2013

Hello my darling angel faces:)

I am back from a long holiday hiatus, one of the longest I have taken in months! But I gotta say it feels
Beginning this year with a fresh start and a fresh face
Acne scars, lazy eye, weird eyebrows:
2014 is the year of IDGAF I'm still fierce;)
good to be back.

I have a new article for Adios Barbie in the works, and I'm giving several self esteem workshops for young girls during the months of January and February, so the beginning of 2014 sounds mighty promising!

Speeeeaaaking of 2014, Happy New Years (belated, but it's still a new year, so tough) my loves! 

I already wrote an article on New Years Resolutions regarding weight for ANEB which will be published mid-January, so today I want to focus not on future goals, hopes and aspirations, but taking the time to look back at the past year, and asking ourselves:

on a scale of Rob Ford to Beyonce, how fierce was your 2013?

2013 for me was an nut job.
-scored new writing gigs for ANEB, Derriere le Mirroir, and Adios Barbie.
-interned at 3 different mental health/child services non-profits
-watched the blog grow intellectually and statistically
-graduated high school in Quebec
-moved 7 hours away from my haters to my awesome new dream school
-powered through recovery like no other mother fudger
-made the High Honour roll

but I also,
-had some of my lowest lows
-dealt with high school drama
-moved 7 hours away from some of my best friends
-recovered, but had failures and relapses
-watched my anxiety sky rocket
-spent most of 2013 on Tumblr
-was NOT ONCE on The Ellen Show (kidding, but seriously, call me girl)

Everything can change in a year.
I never could have imagined that any of this, the good or the bad, could happen in just one year. As The Mountain Goats say, "there will be feasting, and dancing, in Jerusalem next year", whether you decide to stay around or not.

Which is why my new years resolution is simple, and the same as the year before:
Live to see 2015.

Have an amazing day my lovelies:)


PSSSSSSS: here are some awesome videos to start out the new year:) 

1. god bless the vlogbrothers, the only ray of sunshine in my dark sky:) I'm kidding, but also not.

2. Laci is allllwwaayyyss on point, and in this video cleverly argues the selfie revolution, which is why I included a selfie in this post! Gurl, you go!

3. DO NOT WATCH IN PUBLIC, waterfalls of tears will shoot out of your pupils.

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