Validating Your Pain

Hello my gorgeous fudgies!
How has Monday been treating yall ?<3

First of all, I must apologize for my absence these last few days, weeks, it's not been months, has it?...
See, when you can't remember the last time you posted, that's when you KNOW you're in trouble :)
Exam sessions...they be crazy...(I'm tired, therefor, I am grammatically handicapped)

Today, I wanted to discuss something with you, regarding the original purpose of this blog.
Yes, we are travelling back in time to the prehistoric year of 2011, where it all began...

Monday, October Something-or-other (17, I think?), 2011
I'm sitting in a doctor's examination room.
It is 3:45, I skipped school for this appointment, because I can't imagine spending another day like this.
The doctor (Dr. Erdstein; yes I DARE speak his name) is asking me some questions.
He looks bored, he's not even trying to understand why I'm bawling my eyes out.
He leaves the room (looking for coffee perhaps...a girl? In my office, dying? nonsense), and I just sat there, staring at the Children's hospital across the street.
Little did I know a few weeks later I'd be in one of those sterile, creepy rooms staring down that same little doctor's office.

This has been going on for too long, the pain is too deep, the façade too heavy.
Yet no one seems to understand, or even acknowledge it.
«Why are you feeling this way?»
Well you see, oh wise one, if I knew that we would NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION.

Am I imaginating my own illness?

That is exactly how people convince themselves they are well, they are healthy, they are happy.

Before wanting to get help, receive treatment, start over, smile...
I wanted someone to validate it.

And when I think about what I want you all to take from my own and each other's experiences,it certainly is nota loss of hope for humanity.

I know...crazy!

There are plenty of sites for people suffering different issues, from just every stuff to actual mental illness.
It can make you see your not-alone-ness (again, grammar handicapped. I apologize)
Here are a few I found for all sorts of issues, but don't forget GOOGLE IS YOUR BFF if you can't find one for you :)
1. anxiety: http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum/
2. eating disorders: http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/forum32.html
3. depression: http://forums.psychcentral.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6

So no, you are not making up these problems
you are not helpless
you are not  crazy (technically, legally...well I don't really know you:P).

You are just a human. A fudgie, actually, the best species there is. <3

Promise to write loads more this week, mmkay?



Handling Stress and Anxiety!

How is Wednesday treating you? 

This post is dedicated to my petit écureuil anxieux. <3 

Hello my beautiful fudgies!

I wanted to talk about stress today, because not only does it affect 'most everybody I know, but it can also trigger some serious self-esteem problems.

There are several levels, diagnostics, and consequences to anxiety, but in my book I can think of 2 perfect little words to describe the main cause of this unapologetic feeling:

That's right, over thinking things that should always be looked from afar with perspective.

First of all,  IF ANYBODY GETS STRESSED BECAUSE THEY OVER-DRAMATIZE SITUATIONS, (pente fatale style) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECKING OUT THIS TRICK A PSYCHOLOGIST GAVE ME (IT WORKS SOOOOO SUPER WELL: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-4-2012-bucket-list.html

Secondly, have you noticed that when you stare at your reflection in a mirror too long, it can get distorted and suddenly every flaw that could ever be imagined magically appears on your face?

People of Fudge Perfection land; you are all incredibly intelligent but also hell-a creative people.
If your eyes go looking for flaws, oh trust me. THEY WILL FIND THEM, whether they are actually there or not.

So here are some of my tips (besides reading the post I mentioned up there) for handling anxiety
1. Breath in through the nose and let out all the bad anxiety (or air, whatever you wanna call it) through the mouth.

2. Get enough sleep. Yes, I know that it's not that easy, and I'm also incredibly hypocritical, because I don't sleep much at all, BUT IT IS PROVEN THAT TEENS WHO GET 7 OR MORE HOURS OF SLEEP CAN SEE THEIR ANXIETY LEVELS GO DOWN AND BONUS: SEE THEIR GRADES GET HIGHER, UP TO 10% MORE!
So go. to. bed.

3. Find time to be silly. I sing and dance all the time, and, especially when it comes to the former, I'm hilariously awful. But Gabby don't care. 
Laugh with your friends, take time to listen to christmas music (alex...), just make sure you live a life that isn't controlled by the things that make you nervous.

4. And finally, for those creatures we see in the mirror, I have 2 full posts about loving your reflection.
How could this still be a PROBLEM??? :P
hahaha jk, but they are here if you need a little reminder
1. post 1
2. post 2

Stay Calm and Fudge Perfection `<3


Wake Up Feeling Good

Second post in a row say what???!

My lovely fudgies,

I don't know all of you.
Don't know your vices, your weaknesses, your stories.

But hopefully I can know that from now on, every morning, you will wake up feeling light, feeling free, feeling good.

And hoooooow, you ask, can you do that, oh wise one? :P

Here is a little trick that I adhere too religiously, and hopefully it can help you too <3

One of my biggest triggers is waking up feeling bloated, or fat, or just heavy.
Cuz you KNOW that if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, citizens of the world better run and hide because it is NOT a good day.

And worst of all, YOU feel awful, and YOU want to run and hide from every living creature.

So what I do is make sure that I don't eat or drink anything 2 whole hours before I go to bed (water excluded of course, flavored water is like crack to me).

The next morning, I don't feel pregnant, so humans of this earth are safe yet another day and I feel like I can face almost anything!

Yayyyyyyy!!! Haha if you are alarmed by my cheesiness, you MUST be new.
Hi, I'm gabby :)


BINGEtervention: how to control binging <3

Hello my beautiful fudgies,

In the past, I always felt like no matter how many tips, trick or challenges I thought of for you guys, there was always one very important issue I wasn't conquerin: how to control binging.

Even though I talked about why you shouldn't binge in a previous post (click here to check it out),
I couldn't apply it to my real life for more than 2 weeks without my resolve weakening and my unhealthy eating habits creeping back into my life.

Until now.

This trick may seem simple, and it may not work for you, but hopefully it can help someone else who struggles with this issue.

Write it out for Friday: 
Here's how I do it:

1. Pick a day in the week when you get to indulge in whatever pleases your cravings (preferably a day when you are relaxed, like Friday, Saturday or Sunday, according  to your lifestyle, so you don't eat under stress but rather for a reward) and try to keep that same day each week.

Mine is Friday, because on most Fridays I head over to my friend's house and we watch the best guilty pleasure show in the history of television: Vampire Diaries.

2. Throughout the week, if you are suddenly hit with a craving, write it down in your agenda, on your phone, or wherever. You will have that item, or a list of items, to choose from on Friday when you dip into your food sins :)

3. On Friday, those cravings will probably have died down, so you can pick one or two things from that list and enjoy them slowly, knowing very well you deserve it. 

That's it. 
Almost sounds too easy, right?

Just trust me on this one, after a lifetime of eating then crying then...well yall know, applying unhealthy, ridiculous weight loss techniques,  I FEEL FREE, AND LIGHT, AND LOVELY.

Well...that last one is often from you guys <3 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww)