Size OMG who cares?!

Ahhh the famous size on our jeans...
It seems as though nothing else really matters right?

Does a size define you? Are you a better person for it?
Is your beauty held accountable for such a meaningless number?

If I actually have to help you answer no, welcome to teenage girl world.
A place where no one can dream of seeing beauty beyond their ideal size.

What if...and keep your jaws screwed on my loves, it made you...YOU!

Let's take for example my friend Gab. Sure, she's not a zero. Why? Well she just so happens to be an amazing athlete who needs a little more than a toothpick to push her towards her dreams.

Whatever size you are, its just a little part of you! Trust me you can achieve greater things if you focus on your dreams. On your friends. On your happiness.

And trust me. Joy will not appear when u magically drop down to that perfect size. Insecurities will be there with you. Like donkey to shrek, don't let it bother u. Imbrace them, mmmkay?
<3 to all y'all

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