Challenge 3: Forgive and Forget

Ah....Forgiveness. Swallowing your pride. Admiting you're wrong.
It hurts, doesn't it?

That's why we tend to forget more often than forgive.
It's a hell lot easier to just shove those thoughts to the back of your head and try to live life as though nothing changed.
But it did. And you will feel it, trust me.

As a young child, I often underestimated the value of friendship, and later on regretted my unwillingness to see my wrongdoings. I broke so many relationships because I was too insecure to hold on to someone that might actually see through me.
I made fast friends, and sabotaged my way out of so many good memories I could be cherishing. As I left that school, I promised to never look back. And until today, I never did.

But it haunted me. I felt it burn a hole through my back. I felt as though I had to be perfect, just so I could show them how I had changed. Forget? Yeah, in my dreams did I forget.

So, here is my challenge, loves:
Find someone from your past and show them that you have changed, and that you are sorry .
They may not accept your apology, but I'll tell you; you will feel liberated from everything holding you back, wether they accept you or not :)

Sooooo...tell me how it goes!

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