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Today is a much-anticipated blogpost. Not only is this a theme that appears in 50% of your fabulous emails to me, but this is probably one of my biggest. pet. peeves. ever. on this planet.

Now they're are a lot of «fakers» in this world, but today we are talking about the people who like to fake eating disorders.
No. I'm not even kidding. Pick up your jaw from off the floor, they are real and in the land of high school, it is an EPIDEMIC.

Make sure to read til the end for an important note at #4!!!
(talked a little bit bout this in my last post; check it check it :P http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/04/5-myths-about-eating-disorders.html)

So how exactly do we spot these guys? And what do we do?

1. First and foremost: VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THIS: it's all about the attention.
These people (okay these girls) will be easy to decode, because everything they do or say will revolve around having attention. So keep an eye out, you can already think of those types of people.

2. An eating disorder is a mental illness. People suffering from such usually don't go walking around screaming their disorder from the top of a mountain, but it will get you pity. Fakes LOVE pity.
When one starts to have unhealthy eating habits, he/she will be ashamed of it, and be extremely embarassed and secretive about it. They will isolate themselves, hide those patterns, rather eat alone, etc.
You don't want people asking questions, because it will break the idea that everything is okay in your life. It's not, of course, but for those suffering from an ED, everything revolves around keeping that appearance.

TIP-OFF: Thus, if you have just read the last paragraph, you understand how completely illogical it is for someone who is truly suffering to very openly proclaim «I'm fat. I haven't eaten in 10 days»
or such indiscretions.

3. These girls don't necessarily take the time to research. Too busy fake starving themselves or something. They will portray the very basic «symptoms» of the classics, like not eating.
But the real diagnostic between say a diet and an ED, is actually the little details.
The organization of your food, the bites you take, the speed, the comfort level.
All very subtle and almost subconscious, it really takes one to diagnose one :)

4. What if you're not sure? Do you go and get help? What if she is faking?
Always get help. In any case.
If she is sick, great. Double round of applause for you.
But what if she was just faking?
If someone is seriously so deprived in their normal life that they have to pretend to have a mental disorder in order to feel loved, this person may not have an eating disorder,
but she most certainly has a PROBLEM.
Off you go to get her help too :)

Alright thasss enuff :)
See you later
(and all 13 of you i will get to see at IMATS! WOOHOO)

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