A House Is Not a Home

Dionne Warwick, 1964, sang this:
 A room is still a room 
Even when there's nothing there but gloom. 
But a room is not a house 
And a house is not a home  

April 2012, Janelle, 15, wrote to the FPP, and asked me this:
«Hey Gabby! My dad is in the military and we move around a lot.
I have a hard time making new friends, and I often find myself binging when I'm lonely, or bored, or whatever.
What should I do?
PS: You can put this on the blog or whatever if you want :-)»

***SIDENOTE: if you feel like emailing me, always assume that I will answer (not ONE email since the beggining has gone unanswered), and so you do not have to start every email with YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT GONNA READ THIS BUT... because I will. Trust me, dolls mmkay ?<3

Back to you, Janelle. 

When I came out of the hospital, I came home to the same bedroom, the same bathroom where I had left all of my disorders and problems. 
So I understand that for you, when you are put in a situation of loneliness after another move, you resort back to binging, because that's what you make yourself feel at home.

So what did I do to make sure I wouldn't just recycle my bad habits?

Make a real home.
Binging is really just to fill a void (lack of stable housing can obviously be one).
You find yourself in a house, but it's not a home.

Home is comfort. Home is happiness and safety and little Disney birds singing at your window.
Jk, but seriously. 
Collages of pictures of places you've loved, or you want to go to.
Of your goals, your dreams, the people who matter to you. 

Pieces of art, books, diaries, never leave them behind. 

Candles, perfumes or air freshners whose smell remind you of a better place. 

Join online communities, forums, blogs about the things that interest YOU. 

It will keep you connected to the closest you thing you have to home.

And dont be too hard on yourself if you relapse once in a while- 
Perfection isnt really what we aim for here...:P

So, to summarize, bring home with you, and tell all your friends all around the world about FPP.

Hahahaha no, I'm just joking. Only if you want to...:)


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