How do I get help?: Advice day

Hey loves! Haven't been around a lot recently, have I? Well I'm back (hopefully) for the rest of the week, so don't worry:)

Today I would like to share with you a little thing I would like to start.
I receive lots of emails, and I love it, and a lot of them seem to be asking for advice or help in a situation.
Some of these questions often ultimately describe the same type of situation, so I thought it would be useful to just put them on the blog.
That way, everyone, even those who don't email me but are in a similar situation, can benefit! Sound good?

So keep those emails coming and you might find yourself on the blog
***disclaimer: I will not put your name or location if you don't want me to. It's up to you:)

***disclaimer2: I am not an all-knowing god or a self-proclaimed guru. I'm just a girl that has definitively lived a life of what not to do's and hopefully now can
Share her what to actually do's with other girls. Iss dat simple ;)

So our first question today comes from Annabel, and she is basically asking, like many other girls have, what to do when you think you have an eating disorder; who do I go to? What do I say? How do I know for sure?

Okay. First off: if there is a little doubt in your mind that you may have an eating disorder, I honestly would not go on a crazy google spree. Lemme tell you why: There are so many variations of anorexia and bulimia that Wikipedia doesn't talk about. So don't go thinking that you're fine because your situation isn't exactly like that or you don't have all the symptoms.
PLUS it can give you all kinds of bad ideas and actually make you go crazy by seeing all the things "wrong" with you.
So push. The keyboard. Away.

Secondly: talk to someone. this will be by far the hardest part, and it's your call wether it be a medical professional (my recommendation), a family member, a counselor, teacher, whoever you feel you could tell the most about your condition and who could really guide you to help.

I personally would try to not tell a friend right away: in certain cases it can work out great: she knows what to do. Keeps it a secret and save your life.
But it often doesn't work that way; some people can't hold things like that on their shoulders. Some people just don't know how to react to delicate situations like that. It's unpredictable, really.

Another tip is to write down the things that worry you. It will help you remember, so that being on the spot doesn't affect your memory. Having a little list also helps to be accurate and honest with your statements, so that diagnosis is precise and the help you need will be exactly that: what you need.

Also, Always remember to tell this person what you actually feel or do, not what they want to hear. If the person you are speaking to is not taking you seriously, find someone better. This has happened to me, and it made me question how bad my condition really was.
You deserve health and happiness, and if that person doesn't acknowledge your pain, fudge them. Hasta la vista.

Whatever you do, keep your head above water and remember that even if it may seem super hard to open up, your health is #1 priority, and fight until you have it 100% your way.
Got it?

Lots of love<3


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