You are the reason <3

Sometimes, after a seriously long day at school, I dont really want to turn on my computer and answer 10000 emails and think of smart yet sassy things to write about. Trying to save the world? I cant even save my math grades!!!

But then something like this happens, and I remember why I do this.
I love the blog, and I myself have benefited greatly from my own advice,

But I do this mostly, because of my schhmexy fudgies.
And when someone I have never met makes a video like this, I cant help but litterally scream bloody murder and cry.
Because there is NOTHING in the world that makes me happier than this.
I dont care about seratonin. Or X.

Here it is; like it, video response, tweet it, give this angel some love :)

PS: @BabyGymStalker no i dont mind that you said that at the end of your vid. because you're right. The fight we are fighting is so much bigger than just eating disorders. Like you said, it's the ups and downs. :)

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