Challenge 6: <3 that reflection part 2

How are my beautiful fudgies today?<3

After all the love I got from the first in-depth explanation of my «3 tips to feel beautiful» article for Drop of Pink, I decided to go ahead and explain the 3rd little trick; the MESSY one :)

For those days when you’re feeling PARTICULARILY low about your appearance, and when nothing seems to work, grab the bull by its horns. Actually, you’re going to grab a lipstick (matte preferably, for it glides off with more ease) and write yourself a positive message on your mirror.

Read more: http://www.dropofpink.com/2012/03/20/3-tricks-to-feel-beautiful-every-time-you-look-in-the-mirror/#ixzz1rgw0VWto

This actually answers a lot of the questions about the promotional video and pictures where you can see girls writing on a big mirror; it's the whole goal of the organization;

When you keep reminding yourself why you are so special, you just can't SEE those imperfections anymore. They are hiden from your flaw-searching eyes, thus, like in the picture above, all you can see is what truly matters.

Wipe the tears from off your face, I KNOW you just teared up a little there :)
JK, but in all seriousness, there is a relatively scientific explanation to this.

Like I describe in the rest of the article, having those words at eye level helps your subconscious absorb the message, and practically brainwash you.
Sort of like advertising, where they plaster your view with a product, your lipstick declaration of self-love will slowly make it's way, and you'll actually start to believe it.

Having this message on a mirror is crucial, because this is the one place where woman find flaws, and I dont need to explain to you what kind of effect that can have...

It comes out rather well, but keeping it on won't stain your mirror, you should be more worried about it staining your brain :)
If you share a mirror and dont want to start world war 3 with your siblings/parents, write this message anywhere (your hand, your agenda), just so you can keep reminding yourself :)

Thats all for today, loves:P
Love yooo faces :)


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