5 myths about eating disorders

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Now back to this post; 5 myths about eating disorders.

1. To have an eating disorder, you have to be underweight, or at least skinny.
Advanced stages of eating disorders result in drastic weight loss, but not neccessarily.
Bulimics especially, because when purging, you only lose about 15-20 % of the massive amount of food you just ingested, and most of the 15-20 is water.

Going as far as injuring your body is an eating disorder. Not being skinny.

2. The cause of ED? Magazine covers and models, of course!
I wrote an entire post about this subject (see it here:http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/03/media-is-not-problem.html ).
I strongly disagree with this idealogy, and you'll see why in the article.
ED=mental disorder=its not even about what is happening around us or what we saw, but the way we process it.

3. The only people with eating disorders are pre-teen/young adult girls.
So not true.

Yes, there is a higher percentage of teenage girls, but out of all the people with ed right now, about 10% of them are guys! No one bothers talking about, it's quite taboo, but trust me it's there.
Women in their 20s, their 30s, 40s, any age really are affected everyday, but it seems that the only stories told are the ones of young, innocent teen girls.
It's sad really, if no one sheds a light on their situation, no one can help them.

4. Being on a diet=having an eating disorder
Since it's arrival in the media in the 70s, eating disorders are usually associated to rather extreme diets.
But the difference in the matter is simple; being on a diet is usually controlling the food we eat and being more active. All these things are physical changes, lifestyle choices.

When it comes to ED, the change is psychological before anything else. It affects our body, but only as a consequence of whats happening up there. And sometimes, that change is not a choice, but a curse.

hahahah this is so ridiculous it makes me laugh.

First of all, our hormones as teen girls affect our bodies in the craziest ways; and yes sometimes we're not hungry. Its that simple.
But more importantly than that (and a new article is coming up about this topic), girls with eating disorders are usually very secretive about it. They will isolate themselves with their unhealthy habits.
I dont know why, but in recent years, it has become cool to pretend you have an eating disorder.
To get attention. or pity, which ever. So dont jump to conclusions and be on the lookout for my next post :)

What are some of the myths you've seen or heard?<3
As always, stay lovely.


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