Sappy Tuesday

You guys.
To stop.
Being so. Darn. Cute!!!!

Today is tuesday, and I'm hormonal, so deal with my sappiness as best you can, so here's your warning:

If you don't want no sappy, leave while you can:)

Back to today. I feel as thought I don't say this enough, but you guys mean so much to me. Meeting some of you oh these past weeks, getting that video from The Balance Blog (havent seen it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kbb2g8ebIU&feature=youtube_gdata_player )
I just feel so blessed.
And when I open every post with hello my beautiful fudgies.
Dont take it lately. for each and one of you it is individual.
You there reading this. I see you. That's who I'm talking to when I say my gorgeous dolls. I am never too busy to read your tweets, your emails, because I'm not just this God that rules of the land of FPP, I'm here on this emotional journey with all of you.
I have my bad days too, and I try to convince myself I'm beautiful just like you are too.

I cry when you cry. I laugh when you laugh.
Realize that the impact you all have had on me is greater than you can imagine.
If I could I would get all your names tattooed on my body.
Ow. Jk, magic marker could work:)

I warned you.
Sappy Tuesday:P
In conclusion I don't throw around words like beautiful randomly.
I actually mean em.
You. Yeah you. I'm not done.
Smile, you are pretty.

Okay. Sappy Tuesday out :P

Your insanely emotional Gabby

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