Bits and Pieces <3

How are my gorgeous fudgies doing today?! <3
Feels good to be back into a rythm!
Yesterday's post was very well received, so thank you. (check it out here)

That got me thinking: I never really know if or why some of my posts will be more popular than others. So why not ask you guys, the ones actually reading them!
So I made yall a little survey, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND ANSWER THE 1 TEENSY QUESTION <3 thank you :) CLICK HERE

I also need your help with another very important part of the Fudge Perfection Project: the conferences!
Besides schools, I need other opportunities to spread the word about the FPP but more importantly what we stand for.
So if you have suggestions (church group, youth group, support group, etc.) P.L.E.A.S.E. let me know by email or comment down below!

I would love. love. LOOOOVVVE. to meet some of you, so don't be shy about asking me to travel (dont underestimate my determination and airmiles :P )

One last thing.
I know this post is just filled with demands and favors, but before I left this summer I briefly mentioned The Body Image Project published my submission on their website (yay!!!).

You can check it out here (http://thebodyimageproject.blogspot.ca/2012/06/age-16.html)
All you have to do is submit «What do you see when you look into the mirror?» with your age as the title :)
It will feel so great to have it out there in the world, like a secret community where no one knows your name or your face, just your story.
Which should be all that matters.

That was all for today, just little bits and pieces :)


Challenge 7 pt2: Dreams > Dimwits

Everyday, more and more people find out about what I do; the conferences, the blog, etc.
Most of the response is positive, which is lovely, so gracias <3

How. EVER.
Because I frequent the dog-eat-dog cage that is high school, some individuals belonging to the teenagerus species seem to have certain...uh-hum... brain deficiences, enabling them from understanding ...well anything, really.

And when such individuals fail to comprehend something, the automatic reaction that occurs in their «brain» (though many scientists would not be quick to even call it A BRAIN)
a). Mock 
b). Critize
c). Laugh uncontrollably as though there is nothing, NOTHING, funnier on this planet of ours than (GASP!) actually doing something with your life

If you are ever mocked or teased for whatever activity or passion you are pursuing, please check out this post I wrote on HOW TO DEAL WITH SUCH SITUATIONS...<3 

That article was written for those specific scenarios when your less-than-genius schoolmate comments, to the best of his small capabilities, on your awesomeness.
TODAY'S ARTICLE is broader and more general.

I want to start doing (insert activity) but...
I want to tell my friends about (insert passion) but...

You know you shouldn't care...
You know those people shouldn't matter...
But you can't stop yourself from being afraid, ashamed, from just plain CARING.

First of all, it's okay.
It's actually pretty fudgin' normal.
You can't just TURN OFF your brain.
Afterall, yours is a little more complex than your mocking neighbour's :)

What you need is a 3 STEP MOTIVATOR, which consists of 3 very simple but very effective steps to keep you motivated against the pessimistic current :)

Step 1. Physical Motivator
Each and every time you feel shame, fear or regret in regards to people's judgements or potential judgements of your passion (which I support 100%, by the way, I don't care what it is), develop some sort of physical «tic».

Raise a shoulder, roll your eyes, something that reminds your brain of how you should react to such judgements.

It will feel weird at first but will become a mechanism the more you do it.
Plus it will remind you about...

Step 2. Verbal Motivator
We are all very easily brainwashed, and as you know, I am strong believer in brainwashing yourself.
So make sure that after step 1, you repeat to yourself (in your head, preferably, because we don't want to scare the children) a single word that reminds you of why you should keep going.
Mine is: Beautiful
Because I want to make yall feel beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful to accompany you on this journey.
Repeat 5x minimum, and there is no maximum.
Repeat it randomly, all the time, wherever, whenever.

And this word will lead your brain to think about...

Step 3: Visual Motivator 

The last thing you want to picture is a mental image or image sequence/video.
It can be the moment you realized this was it.
It can be a dream or a goal you want to achieve.

Example: I think of a huge stadium, tens of thousands of people for the FP conference, all flashing their FP bracelets and shirts (which are being designed, be patient!)
The look on people's faces when you just summed up exactly how they feel.
The laughter, the tears, the connection on these 10,000 faces.

That's what is in my head. Those are the images that keep me going.

If you apply these to your own dreams and goals, your brain will be too busy to care or worry about others.
Fudge others and their stupid little comments.
You have all these images to look back on, or to look forward to.

I love yallzz so much <333


Acne and Self Esteem: The Struggle and The Solution

Oh. Kay.
Before you throw your cyber tomatoes at me for being absent in the last few days, HERE ME OUT.
I had a little crisis, but fortunately it has inspired a post!


My story:
My skin in the last few months has been getting increasingly, how can I say this... bumpier. 
So I decided to book an appointment with my brother's dermatologist.
He prescribes me a liquid topical treatment, and I go to my pharmacy, ever so nonchalantely, and pick up said topical treatment.

La di da di da, not a care in the world.

I come home, and pack it up for the vacation I was embarking on the next day.
(It gets interesting, don't give up on me yet)

Arrived at my destination, I put on a minuscule amount of this prescription and go to bed.

Morning 1: My face has kind of broken out into weird looking spots, but nothing REALLY out of the ordinary.
Plus, one of my eyes is looking kind of wonky...
Reaction: Throw some sunglasses on and shrug it off.

Repeat miniscule application same night.

Morning 2: My face was suffering what was later diagnosed as contact dermatitis.
Meaning over 90% of my face was covered in this giant rash.
This includes my entire eye lids, under my eyebrows, lips, all that fun jazz!
My right eye has also completed swollen over, with my eyelid complety enabling my eyesight.
Reaction: Die.

To say that I had a panick attack is an understatement of epic porportions.
***To be fair, the intensity of my rage was reinforced by the fact that I was GOING BACK TO SCHOOL IN 4 DAYS.

But it was an experience I will never forget.
Not knowing what to do, and just thinking it was going to pass, I went on with my life, trying to enjoy my vacation.

I walked past people turning my head away, half of my face hidden by giant bug-like sunglasses.
I felt people's stares, and pity looks.
I cried constantly.

I can't say I reacted to this situation as well as I should have, but to be honest, I don't know a lot of girls my age who would have handled it with poise and grace like a perfect non-hormonal princess would.

But I have learned a lot from this experience.

1. I am allergic to clindamycin, the antibiotic responsible for my skin's violent outrage.

2. God BLESS MODERN MEDECINE, because with a doctor's consultation and some steroids (no joke, Google what steroids are actually supposed to do) my skin had mostly cleared by today, my first day back to school.

3. and most importantly, people see you as you see yourself. 

When I walked slumped over and ashamed,
When I didn't dare to look at people in the eye or even look at their rash-less faces,
When I looked pitiful, miserable and just plain sad,
THATS when people noticed the skin, when they gave me the looks. 

People who carry themselves like I did project the image that clearly there is something wrong, why else would they walk around like they're contagious. 

When I forgot about my skin's condition,
When I went places with no mirrors,
When I laughed and didn't look like a girl who wanted to rip her face off and throw it off a bridge,
THATS when no one raised their eyebrows, no one gave me looks.

And if they did? SO WHAT.
I was too busy LIVING MY LIFE.
Which should always come first.

You are a person, inside and out.
So if any of my gorgeous fudgies feel as though they can't leave the house because of a body «anomaly», keep this in mind:

1. 99% of you are imagining it. It is not that bad. 
2. Even if it is, you not only have a plethera of other beautiful body parts, but you're also a human being, as I am sure you know by now :P
Which means your smile, your laugh, your talents, your personality is worth 10000x more than a million face volcano eruptions, OKAY? :) 

So glad to be back,
See yall tommorow!!!


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 9

All right dolls, let's jump right in to vow #9 because SOMEONE is in a bit of a rush :)

Vow #9: Remember that even the girl who I'd swap bodies with in a minute has something about her looks that she hates.

Hard to believe, isn't it?
Maybe if girls spent less time TRYING TO BRING EACH OTHER DOWN.....
I'm sorry, got a little carried away:P
But in all seriousness, here are a few things to keep in mind concerning this vow:

1. We want what we can't (or naturally don't) have

Girls with curly hair usually end up straightening their locks.
But girls with straight hair would give their left arm to have curly hair.
So if it seems completely impossible that Miss Perfect Body you idolize doesn't L.O.V.E. every single thing about her body, keep in mind that some of the things you may be so jealous of, she wants the exact opposite.
As a matter of fact, she herself might want to trade bodies with someone else, and it is entirely possible that YOU could be that person.

Example: I <<<33333 freckles. Don't have any, but I think they are just the epitome of facial adorableness, and I would love some (if God is somehow reading this blog...just keep that in mind, mmkay? :P ). Which means that of course that at least 75 % of lucky girls who are blessed with freckles would rather not have them at all.

2. How about if YOU were the all mighty so-called-perfect-body girl?

Still have a hard time believing she doesn't wake up every morning thanking the Universe for this «perfect» body of hers? Think of this.
You, in your lifetime, have been, will be or are right now the beholder of a or several physical attribute/s that another girl would swap with hers in a nanosecond.

Now Imagine all things you don't truly adore about your body...
And how if you told said girl who admires what you have that you don't love everything about your body, she probably wouldn't believe you, just like you don't believe your perfect body beholder.
Brace yourselves...I feel a breakthrough coming....<3

3. The last thing you should basically tell yourself in every scenario in life EVER is this:
You are enough.
You don't need to swap bodies, and you shouldn't want to, either (so I guess I have to take back my offer God...).
Why would you want to change anything about yourself!




They are HEEERRE: Fudge Perfection Bracelets

I am so excited to say that The Fudge Perfection Project has its own WRISTBANDS!!!

Pictures will be below :)

As you can see, the FPP wristbands are a beautiful bright neon pink with Fudge Perfection simply inked in teal.
They are half an inch wide and will fit anyone's wrist-trust me on that one :P
***Thank you to the lovely fudgie member Eleanor who told me where I could make 'em :)

If you know me in real life, I'll always have a few of them with me for sale.
They are 1 $ each :)
If you don't know me in real life and want to get a FPP wristband email me at
And we will work something out for payment and shipping :)

As always, I love you all

17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 8

Good Morning Dolls!<3

Since I skipped a day of blogging, I will have another post up for yall later today, because there is so much going on and I have some very exciting news! (hint-hint: it goes around your wrist....)

Let's get going on our 8th vow, shall we?

Vow #8: Remind myself that what you see isn't always what you get on TV and in ads- it takes a lot of airbrushing, dieting, money, and work to look like that.

Waking up one morning, you look in the mirror and say to yourself:
«Hey! I don't look half bad today...»
Head held high with a beaming smile, you walk out of your house and into the real world.
BAM! Victoria's Secret ad
BAM!BAM! (that Tv show you love where no one has an inch of fat on their body. I couldn't pick one, have you BEEN ON THE CW LATELY?»
And somehow you're not-half-bad has morphed into I-want-to-crawl-into-a-hole-of-Ben-and-Jerrys bad.

Now I will say this now and I will say it again: I do not believe that Photoshop, Magazines, and the media in general is responsible for eating disorders. (to read more about the reasons behind my positions click here)
Which means that if your mental health was on a scale of 0-10,
0 being «no eating disorder or other mental illness» ,
1 being the beginning of an eating disorder and/or other mental illness
and 10 being «most likely in the last stages of life»,

The media cannot bring a girl from 0 to 1.
However, it can fuel a girl up from 1 to 9.

Which explains the importance of today's vows: eating disorder or not, it can ultimately really bring down a girl's self-esteem.
And as I'm sure you know: THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME ;)
Here are my TV/ads crackdowns:

1. Ads: Not selling self-esteem, are they now? :P
Have you ever seen the Dove Evolution Video? (if not, click here)
As someone who has worked backstage in the makeup departement (just when you thought you knew me perfectly...:P) I can personally say that the amount of time put into that girl's face before the photoshoot is SOOOOOO NOT LONG ENOUGH TO BE A REAL AD

Sad right? A MUA will take MINIMUM one whole hour, sometimes up to 4 hours to prep the girl's face for the shoot. These models are photoshopped before even one camera flash goes off!

There is only one answer to all questions starting with a WHY? in the consumerism industry...

Ads are designed to make you want, no- NEED, the product they are selling, whoever they are and however they can achieve that goal.
If an ad made you feel all good inside, you wouldn't need that new (insert product here), because you're perfect just like that.

All the marketing strategists in the world just cringed ferociously at that last sentence ;)
You have to feel incomplete because to all these companies:
Feeling incomplete+need to be complete+girl on the ad looks complete+must buy whatever she sells=enough money to buy another yacht in France

So dont fall for those trips, you're now a regular Nancy Drew, cracking all the mysteries of the advertising market <3

2. TV: a lovely combo of genetics, money and lots of 5 calorie salads
Your favorite show is on; Great!
The actors in that show all have 0.0000001 % body fat; G.r.e.a.t.

Here is the thing: before I go all CRAZY-DIET-FREAKS on these poor actors, I will say that some of them, again SOME of them, are naturally, genetically thin.
Fast metabolism, family skinny genes, what have you...
(Yes, I know. Some of us would sell our siblings for that DNA)

Back to the point: A TV show's cast's job is to create a fake reality, a believable world, a portrayal of a certain lifestyle.
Not to bash their acting, but I don't think Gossip Girl would have hired even Meryl Streep if she would have auditioned.
Looks are a huge part of these storylines, therefor an actor's JOB, besides playing pretend, is to keep up a certain look, a certain physique.

You & I don't have jobs like that (just speaking for myself really, who KNOWS who could be reading the blog).
I'm a full-time student. And a full-time FPP-editor-email-answerer-boss-lady.
So OF COURSE we can't look like that!

Besides, why would you want to be these people?
1. You're GOR-GEOUS just like you are.
and 2. Would you really want to be stuck in all that crazy CW drama?
I think I'll keep my sanity, thank you very much :) <3

That is it for this post!
Keep your eye out today for some other exciting updates and announcements!


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 7

We are a full week into the Seventeen Mag Body Peace Treaty Vow/Day!
I would truly appreciate it if you guys could help me out here to get these posts seen by Seventeen Mag!
***What you can do:
1. Select your favorite 17 BPT post so far (let's take day 1 for example: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html)
2.a) Option 1: tweet it to @seventeenmag and tell em what it is
Example: Hey @seventeenmag check out @fudgeperfection body peace treaty!!!http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html

b) Option 2: Do the same but on their facebook page found here: https://www.facebook.com/seventeenmagazine

c) Ask them to check it out on their tumblr page: http://seventeen.tumblr.com/

Thank you all so much for your support, I hope you enjoy today's post!<3

Vow #7: Quiet that negative little voice in my head when it starts to say mean things about my body that I'd never tolerate anyone else saying about me

This vow is basically the epitome of the Fudge Perfection Project.
Here are some other posts you may want to check out for more tips and tricks:
The <3 your reflection part 1 post
and the sequel to part 1 post :)

Here's the deal with this vow:

When other people call you out on imperfections, you should never let it get to you.
Why give them the power to mess with your self-esteem?
You are so much better than that, and you know it.

So how come we can brush off other people's crazy comments, but not the ones coming from our own heads?
Does it mean that because you say it to yourself, all of the sudden those negative, belittling comments becomes true?

Imma let you in on a little secret: The evil voice is wrong

How can she be right? She cant even see anything right WITH YOU?
Yes, I am aware that that's her job. To critique you. To, dare I say it, perfect you.

Your brain is constantly working and, as you know, it can get really exhausting up in there.
That negative voice is just wasting your brain's (therefor, your) time and energy.

Why waste your time listening to someone who's ultimate goal in life is to bring you down?
When you could be listening to a voice who sees the beauty in you?

Take my advice; DUMP THE VOICE.

HOW TO DO IT: Everytime, he/she/it tries to get a word in, start signing your favorite empowering song instead.
(need one? here are my favorites: http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/03/top-10-stay-strong-songs.html )

That's all for today!
Dont forget to help us get Seventeen on the FPP wagon (if you want :P)
Love yall


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 6

Happy Monday, my delightful fudgies!
I cannot believe we are already day 6 on the 17 Magazine Body Peace Treaty Vow per Day!
Let's get started!

Vow#6: «Notice all the amazing things my body is doing for me every moment I walk, talk, think, breathe..»

I vaguely touched this subject on Day 2, but I'll go further into detail today :)

Our bodies, wether you love or hate yours, are pretty darn spectacular.
We owe everything to them. Litterally.
Yet somehow, as a result of the slightly superficial world we live in, all we notice about our bodies is how our right hip is 1/4 of an inch shorter than the left.
Just plain silliness.

What is this organization called again?
Oh yeah. Fudge Perfection.
So give your right hip some slack. No human body is perfect. There is not enough lipo in the world :P

Back to the vow: We take what we've always had for granted.
I'm sure you've never really considered thanking your lungs, for without them, you most likely would not be here, reading these words I am writing to you.

To make this easier, I have one simple trick
1. Think about the moments your body has given you.
To be truly grateful towards your body, you have to think about what opportunities it gave you directly.

  • That time you and your best friend stayed up all night talking. Who's responsible for the gift of talk?
  • The game of (insert sport you play) where you helped your team win (insert big trophy-giving sports event). I do believe you have to thank someone for the ability to MOVE...
  • Every single great moment in your life has been gifted to you by the ability to breathe and therefor to stay ALIVE FOR THESE GREAT MOMENTS.
Your body has given you everything that makes your life worth living.
Don't you think you could give it some love in return?
Sure. We all have physical things we would want to shrink, expand, vanish.
But your body is very busy keeping you alive, so why don't we just sweep those superficial things under the carpet for now <3

That is it today, loves!
***The FPP bracelets are going to be here in a couple of days so get your 1$ ready :)


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 5

Hello, beautiful

Day 5 of the 17 magazine body peace treaty vows, here we go!
(Links to the previous days are on the right hand side of your screen)

Vow #5: Quit judging a person solely by how his or her body looks - even if it seems harmless - because I'd never want anyone to do that to me.

This post is going to be quite a short one because
a) I'm in a rush
and b) You only need to keep one thing in mind

There are so many strereotypes based on looks and weight.
For example, overweight=lazy
or thin=anorexic

That girl you just met who's a little curvier than the norm; she may have had to work her butt off by changing her entire daily food and exercise routine to lose a whooping 50 pounds.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she's lazy, unhealthy and/or doesn't care about her appearance.

That girl you just me who's very thin: she may be this thin naturally because of genetics. No matter what or how much she eats, she can't gain weight due to her metabolism.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she has an eating disorder, that she needs to go «eat a hamburger», and that she chose to be this thin.

Don't be the one-glance-and-I-know-your-life person.
Because if you've ever been put in a specific stereotype box after just one glance, or one picture, or one conversation, you know how it feels.

So next time you meet someone, instead of putting a preconcieved label on them, leave a blank space in your mind for them.
Let their real selves answer all those questions for you.



17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 4

Happy Thursday, my lovely fudgies! <3

Let's get down to business with the 4th vow!
If you have missed the previous posts, the links are to the right of your screen :)

Vow #4: Never allow a dirty look from someone else to influence how I feel about my appearance. 

Ever hear the saying «Beauty is in the eye of the beholder»?
It's easy to tell yourself that you don't care what he/she/it thinks of your appearance, but you can't help feeling a little bit low after getting looked at a certain way or even after hearing a less than flattering comment abour your appearance.
Is this how everyone sees me?
Are they right?

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how insecurities are born.
Here are the 3 things you should always tell yourself in the midst of these scenarios:

1. Insecurities lead to insults. There is a reason that person gave you a look.
Think about it:
People who are happy with themselves don't feel the need to bring other people down.
They are much to busy floating on their little cloud of self-love and marshmallows.

However, people who are not feeling so great about themselves L.O.V.E to bring others down to their level, to make people feel what they're feeling, just to make themselves feel just a little bit taller.

This person could have kept what they thought of your looks to themselves (and most likely, they don't even feel the way they portray, they just wanna bring you down), but no.
That is NOT going to make them feel better about their miserable selves.

So instead of feeling anger towards the hate messenger, consider feeling pity.
YOU don't need to step all over people to boost your confidence.
You know you're awesome.
After all, you're a member of the Fudge Perfection Family. ;)

2. Jealous much? 
Here's another reason people glare, stare or share a not-so friendly thought they have about your looks.
They are jealous.

It sometimes is hard to believe, I know. But wether it's your great hair or your bubbly, outgoing personality, they want something you have.
And since modern day science does not permit us to just take attributes from one another, people have to take away from you the only thing they know how to steal:
Your confidence.

So ask yourself this: why would I just give this person what they want?
Return the dirty look with a radiant smile that says: Can't have my confidence either, honey.

3. Blocked by the knowledge of your own beauty. 
No matter how much hate this person is sending you, by a look or a comment, it should just bounce right off of you.

If you already know you are beautiful (which you do, because if you haven't learnt that by now, you might want to go reread everything I have ever posted on the blog. There will be no insecure girls left behind), then whatever stupidly untrue remarks she is saying or thinking about you will just be categorized in the LIES cabinet of your brains.

Your family, your true friends, your pet, and most importantly YOU; those are the people who (should) know you're beautiful.
And those, and ONLY those people are the ones you should care about.

That random girl at the mall?
The dumb jock that takes your bus?
I wouldn't even waste half a brain cell on them.

Alright!!! I hope you enjoyed!
Keep being gorgeous (as if you could ever stop!) <3


17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 3

Are you all ready for Day 3 of the BPT 1 Vow/Day???
Let's get to it <3

Vow 3: Stop joining in when my friends compare and trash their own bodies.

Which teenage girl DOESN'T remember that scene from the legendary, hilariously accurate depiction of high school movie Mean Girls when the Plastics head over to the mirror and start bashing their bodies, leaving uncorrupted new girl Cady uncomfortable, because she had never heard of this ceremonial tradition within the teenage girl community; the body bash.

The conversation generally goes something like this:

-Oh Ma Gawd. My (insert body part) is/are so fat.
-No way. My (same body part) is/are so.so.SO much bigger than yours.
-At least you guys have (that body part). If you wanna see fat, look at my (insert different body part).
And so on.

You can deny it all you want, but if you are over the age of 12, or sadly even younger, you have taken part in this type of dialogue.
Here are my tips to make sure you stay true to vow #3:

1. When you hear the body trashing begin, count to 10 and think it through. As silly as this may sound, counting to 10 in your head will first of all enable you from joining in the trash-athon, but it will also calm you down.
Make sure you tell yourself that the only reason girls do this in front of their friends is to get pity compliments.
They need someone to validate their beauty, but you shouldn't need that. You should just know that you are beautiful, wether your friends think you have a nice butt or not.

2. Stop the body trashing in its tracks. No better way to ensure that you don't jump in than making sure there is nothing to jump into.
Look your friends firmly in the eye and say something along the lines of: «Enough body trashing, guys. You don't need a perfect (body part your friend was complaining about) or a tiny (other body part your friend was whining about) to be beautiful.»

3. Change the subject and move on. Your little comment may have caught your friends off guard, so now would be the perfect time to change the subject for good. Anything that will get them interested enough to distract from the previous convo will do.
Give yourself a little pat on the back, you deserve it :)

That was a short and sweet little post, hope yall enjoyed it<3