Challenge 7 pt2: Dreams > Dimwits

Everyday, more and more people find out about what I do; the conferences, the blog, etc.
Most of the response is positive, which is lovely, so gracias <3

How. EVER.
Because I frequent the dog-eat-dog cage that is high school, some individuals belonging to the teenagerus species seem to have certain...uh-hum... brain deficiences, enabling them from understanding ...well anything, really.

And when such individuals fail to comprehend something, the automatic reaction that occurs in their «brain» (though many scientists would not be quick to even call it A BRAIN)
a). Mock 
b). Critize
c). Laugh uncontrollably as though there is nothing, NOTHING, funnier on this planet of ours than (GASP!) actually doing something with your life

If you are ever mocked or teased for whatever activity or passion you are pursuing, please check out this post I wrote on HOW TO DEAL WITH SUCH SITUATIONS...<3 

That article was written for those specific scenarios when your less-than-genius schoolmate comments, to the best of his small capabilities, on your awesomeness.
TODAY'S ARTICLE is broader and more general.

I want to start doing (insert activity) but...
I want to tell my friends about (insert passion) but...

You know you shouldn't care...
You know those people shouldn't matter...
But you can't stop yourself from being afraid, ashamed, from just plain CARING.

First of all, it's okay.
It's actually pretty fudgin' normal.
You can't just TURN OFF your brain.
Afterall, yours is a little more complex than your mocking neighbour's :)

What you need is a 3 STEP MOTIVATOR, which consists of 3 very simple but very effective steps to keep you motivated against the pessimistic current :)

Step 1. Physical Motivator
Each and every time you feel shame, fear or regret in regards to people's judgements or potential judgements of your passion (which I support 100%, by the way, I don't care what it is), develop some sort of physical «tic».

Raise a shoulder, roll your eyes, something that reminds your brain of how you should react to such judgements.

It will feel weird at first but will become a mechanism the more you do it.
Plus it will remind you about...

Step 2. Verbal Motivator
We are all very easily brainwashed, and as you know, I am strong believer in brainwashing yourself.
So make sure that after step 1, you repeat to yourself (in your head, preferably, because we don't want to scare the children) a single word that reminds you of why you should keep going.
Mine is: Beautiful
Because I want to make yall feel beautiful, and it makes me feel beautiful to accompany you on this journey.
Repeat 5x minimum, and there is no maximum.
Repeat it randomly, all the time, wherever, whenever.

And this word will lead your brain to think about...

Step 3: Visual Motivator 

The last thing you want to picture is a mental image or image sequence/video.
It can be the moment you realized this was it.
It can be a dream or a goal you want to achieve.

Example: I think of a huge stadium, tens of thousands of people for the FP conference, all flashing their FP bracelets and shirts (which are being designed, be patient!)
The look on people's faces when you just summed up exactly how they feel.
The laughter, the tears, the connection on these 10,000 faces.

That's what is in my head. Those are the images that keep me going.

If you apply these to your own dreams and goals, your brain will be too busy to care or worry about others.
Fudge others and their stupid little comments.
You have all these images to look back on, or to look forward to.

I love yallzz so much <333

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