17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 3

Are you all ready for Day 3 of the BPT 1 Vow/Day???
Let's get to it <3

Vow 3: Stop joining in when my friends compare and trash their own bodies.

Which teenage girl DOESN'T remember that scene from the legendary, hilariously accurate depiction of high school movie Mean Girls when the Plastics head over to the mirror and start bashing their bodies, leaving uncorrupted new girl Cady uncomfortable, because she had never heard of this ceremonial tradition within the teenage girl community; the body bash.

The conversation generally goes something like this:

-Oh Ma Gawd. My (insert body part) is/are so fat.
-No way. My (same body part) is/are so.so.SO much bigger than yours.
-At least you guys have (that body part). If you wanna see fat, look at my (insert different body part).
And so on.

You can deny it all you want, but if you are over the age of 12, or sadly even younger, you have taken part in this type of dialogue.
Here are my tips to make sure you stay true to vow #3:

1. When you hear the body trashing begin, count to 10 and think it through. As silly as this may sound, counting to 10 in your head will first of all enable you from joining in the trash-athon, but it will also calm you down.
Make sure you tell yourself that the only reason girls do this in front of their friends is to get pity compliments.
They need someone to validate their beauty, but you shouldn't need that. You should just know that you are beautiful, wether your friends think you have a nice butt or not.

2. Stop the body trashing in its tracks. No better way to ensure that you don't jump in than making sure there is nothing to jump into.
Look your friends firmly in the eye and say something along the lines of: «Enough body trashing, guys. You don't need a perfect (body part your friend was complaining about) or a tiny (other body part your friend was whining about) to be beautiful.»

3. Change the subject and move on. Your little comment may have caught your friends off guard, so now would be the perfect time to change the subject for good. Anything that will get them interested enough to distract from the previous convo will do.
Give yourself a little pat on the back, you deserve it :)

That was a short and sweet little post, hope yall enjoyed it<3

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