They are HEEERRE: Fudge Perfection Bracelets

I am so excited to say that The Fudge Perfection Project has its own WRISTBANDS!!!

Pictures will be below :)

As you can see, the FPP wristbands are a beautiful bright neon pink with Fudge Perfection simply inked in teal.
They are half an inch wide and will fit anyone's wrist-trust me on that one :P
***Thank you to the lovely fudgie member Eleanor who told me where I could make 'em :)

If you know me in real life, I'll always have a few of them with me for sale.
They are 1 $ each :)
If you don't know me in real life and want to get a FPP wristband email me at
And we will work something out for payment and shipping :)

As always, I love you all

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