17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 6

Happy Monday, my delightful fudgies!
I cannot believe we are already day 6 on the 17 Magazine Body Peace Treaty Vow per Day!
Let's get started!

Vow#6: «Notice all the amazing things my body is doing for me every moment I walk, talk, think, breathe..»

I vaguely touched this subject on Day 2, but I'll go further into detail today :)

Our bodies, wether you love or hate yours, are pretty darn spectacular.
We owe everything to them. Litterally.
Yet somehow, as a result of the slightly superficial world we live in, all we notice about our bodies is how our right hip is 1/4 of an inch shorter than the left.
Just plain silliness.

What is this organization called again?
Oh yeah. Fudge Perfection.
So give your right hip some slack. No human body is perfect. There is not enough lipo in the world :P

Back to the vow: We take what we've always had for granted.
I'm sure you've never really considered thanking your lungs, for without them, you most likely would not be here, reading these words I am writing to you.

To make this easier, I have one simple trick
1. Think about the moments your body has given you.
To be truly grateful towards your body, you have to think about what opportunities it gave you directly.

  • That time you and your best friend stayed up all night talking. Who's responsible for the gift of talk?
  • The game of (insert sport you play) where you helped your team win (insert big trophy-giving sports event). I do believe you have to thank someone for the ability to MOVE...
  • Every single great moment in your life has been gifted to you by the ability to breathe and therefor to stay ALIVE FOR THESE GREAT MOMENTS.
Your body has given you everything that makes your life worth living.
Don't you think you could give it some love in return?
Sure. We all have physical things we would want to shrink, expand, vanish.
But your body is very busy keeping you alive, so why don't we just sweep those superficial things under the carpet for now <3

That is it today, loves!
***The FPP bracelets are going to be here in a couple of days so get your 1$ ready :)

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