17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 5

Hello, beautiful

Day 5 of the 17 magazine body peace treaty vows, here we go!
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Vow #5: Quit judging a person solely by how his or her body looks - even if it seems harmless - because I'd never want anyone to do that to me.

This post is going to be quite a short one because
a) I'm in a rush
and b) You only need to keep one thing in mind

There are so many strereotypes based on looks and weight.
For example, overweight=lazy
or thin=anorexic

That girl you just met who's a little curvier than the norm; she may have had to work her butt off by changing her entire daily food and exercise routine to lose a whooping 50 pounds.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she's lazy, unhealthy and/or doesn't care about her appearance.

That girl you just me who's very thin: she may be this thin naturally because of genetics. No matter what or how much she eats, she can't gain weight due to her metabolism.
But at a first glance, some just assume that she has an eating disorder, that she needs to go «eat a hamburger», and that she chose to be this thin.

Don't be the one-glance-and-I-know-your-life person.
Because if you've ever been put in a specific stereotype box after just one glance, or one picture, or one conversation, you know how it feels.

So next time you meet someone, instead of putting a preconcieved label on them, leave a blank space in your mind for them.
Let their real selves answer all those questions for you.


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