17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 8

Good Morning Dolls!<3

Since I skipped a day of blogging, I will have another post up for yall later today, because there is so much going on and I have some very exciting news! (hint-hint: it goes around your wrist....)

Let's get going on our 8th vow, shall we?

Vow #8: Remind myself that what you see isn't always what you get on TV and in ads- it takes a lot of airbrushing, dieting, money, and work to look like that.

Waking up one morning, you look in the mirror and say to yourself:
«Hey! I don't look half bad today...»
Head held high with a beaming smile, you walk out of your house and into the real world.
BAM! Victoria's Secret ad
BAM!BAM! (that Tv show you love where no one has an inch of fat on their body. I couldn't pick one, have you BEEN ON THE CW LATELY?»
And somehow you're not-half-bad has morphed into I-want-to-crawl-into-a-hole-of-Ben-and-Jerrys bad.

Now I will say this now and I will say it again: I do not believe that Photoshop, Magazines, and the media in general is responsible for eating disorders. (to read more about the reasons behind my positions click here)
Which means that if your mental health was on a scale of 0-10,
0 being «no eating disorder or other mental illness» ,
1 being the beginning of an eating disorder and/or other mental illness
and 10 being «most likely in the last stages of life»,

The media cannot bring a girl from 0 to 1.
However, it can fuel a girl up from 1 to 9.

Which explains the importance of today's vows: eating disorder or not, it can ultimately really bring down a girl's self-esteem.
And as I'm sure you know: THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME ;)
Here are my TV/ads crackdowns:

1. Ads: Not selling self-esteem, are they now? :P
Have you ever seen the Dove Evolution Video? (if not, click here)
As someone who has worked backstage in the makeup departement (just when you thought you knew me perfectly...:P) I can personally say that the amount of time put into that girl's face before the photoshoot is SOOOOOO NOT LONG ENOUGH TO BE A REAL AD

Sad right? A MUA will take MINIMUM one whole hour, sometimes up to 4 hours to prep the girl's face for the shoot. These models are photoshopped before even one camera flash goes off!

There is only one answer to all questions starting with a WHY? in the consumerism industry...

Ads are designed to make you want, no- NEED, the product they are selling, whoever they are and however they can achieve that goal.
If an ad made you feel all good inside, you wouldn't need that new (insert product here), because you're perfect just like that.

All the marketing strategists in the world just cringed ferociously at that last sentence ;)
You have to feel incomplete because to all these companies:
Feeling incomplete+need to be complete+girl on the ad looks complete+must buy whatever she sells=enough money to buy another yacht in France

So dont fall for those trips, you're now a regular Nancy Drew, cracking all the mysteries of the advertising market <3

2. TV: a lovely combo of genetics, money and lots of 5 calorie salads
Your favorite show is on; Great!
The actors in that show all have 0.0000001 % body fat; G.r.e.a.t.

Here is the thing: before I go all CRAZY-DIET-FREAKS on these poor actors, I will say that some of them, again SOME of them, are naturally, genetically thin.
Fast metabolism, family skinny genes, what have you...
(Yes, I know. Some of us would sell our siblings for that DNA)

Back to the point: A TV show's cast's job is to create a fake reality, a believable world, a portrayal of a certain lifestyle.
Not to bash their acting, but I don't think Gossip Girl would have hired even Meryl Streep if she would have auditioned.
Looks are a huge part of these storylines, therefor an actor's JOB, besides playing pretend, is to keep up a certain look, a certain physique.

You & I don't have jobs like that (just speaking for myself really, who KNOWS who could be reading the blog).
I'm a full-time student. And a full-time FPP-editor-email-answerer-boss-lady.
So OF COURSE we can't look like that!

Besides, why would you want to be these people?
1. You're GOR-GEOUS just like you are.
and 2. Would you really want to be stuck in all that crazy CW drama?
I think I'll keep my sanity, thank you very much :) <3

That is it for this post!
Keep your eye out today for some other exciting updates and announcements!

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