17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 4

Happy Thursday, my lovely fudgies! <3

Let's get down to business with the 4th vow!
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Vow #4: Never allow a dirty look from someone else to influence how I feel about my appearance. 

Ever hear the saying «Beauty is in the eye of the beholder»?
It's easy to tell yourself that you don't care what he/she/it thinks of your appearance, but you can't help feeling a little bit low after getting looked at a certain way or even after hearing a less than flattering comment abour your appearance.
Is this how everyone sees me?
Are they right?

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how insecurities are born.
Here are the 3 things you should always tell yourself in the midst of these scenarios:

1. Insecurities lead to insults. There is a reason that person gave you a look.
Think about it:
People who are happy with themselves don't feel the need to bring other people down.
They are much to busy floating on their little cloud of self-love and marshmallows.

However, people who are not feeling so great about themselves L.O.V.E to bring others down to their level, to make people feel what they're feeling, just to make themselves feel just a little bit taller.

This person could have kept what they thought of your looks to themselves (and most likely, they don't even feel the way they portray, they just wanna bring you down), but no.
That is NOT going to make them feel better about their miserable selves.

So instead of feeling anger towards the hate messenger, consider feeling pity.
YOU don't need to step all over people to boost your confidence.
You know you're awesome.
After all, you're a member of the Fudge Perfection Family. ;)

2. Jealous much? 
Here's another reason people glare, stare or share a not-so friendly thought they have about your looks.
They are jealous.

It sometimes is hard to believe, I know. But wether it's your great hair or your bubbly, outgoing personality, they want something you have.
And since modern day science does not permit us to just take attributes from one another, people have to take away from you the only thing they know how to steal:
Your confidence.

So ask yourself this: why would I just give this person what they want?
Return the dirty look with a radiant smile that says: Can't have my confidence either, honey.

3. Blocked by the knowledge of your own beauty. 
No matter how much hate this person is sending you, by a look or a comment, it should just bounce right off of you.

If you already know you are beautiful (which you do, because if you haven't learnt that by now, you might want to go reread everything I have ever posted on the blog. There will be no insecure girls left behind), then whatever stupidly untrue remarks she is saying or thinking about you will just be categorized in the LIES cabinet of your brains.

Your family, your true friends, your pet, and most importantly YOU; those are the people who (should) know you're beautiful.
And those, and ONLY those people are the ones you should care about.

That random girl at the mall?
The dumb jock that takes your bus?
I wouldn't even waste half a brain cell on them.

Alright!!! I hope you enjoyed!
Keep being gorgeous (as if you could ever stop!) <3

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