Challenge 3: Forgive and Forget

Ah....Forgiveness. Swallowing your pride. Admiting you're wrong.
It hurts, doesn't it?

That's why we tend to forget more often than forgive.
It's a hell lot easier to just shove those thoughts to the back of your head and try to live life as though nothing changed.
But it did. And you will feel it, trust me.

As a young child, I often underestimated the value of friendship, and later on regretted my unwillingness to see my wrongdoings. I broke so many relationships because I was too insecure to hold on to someone that might actually see through me.
I made fast friends, and sabotaged my way out of so many good memories I could be cherishing. As I left that school, I promised to never look back. And until today, I never did.

But it haunted me. I felt it burn a hole through my back. I felt as though I had to be perfect, just so I could show them how I had changed. Forget? Yeah, in my dreams did I forget.

So, here is my challenge, loves:
Find someone from your past and show them that you have changed, and that you are sorry .
They may not accept your apology, but I'll tell you; you will feel liberated from everything holding you back, wether they accept you or not :)

Sooooo...tell me how it goes!


RANT: Pro-ana blogs

Hello my gorgeous loves :)

Today is not so much of a happy post as much as it is an angry one.
My good friend Juliana and I had a conversation about the most despicable garbage on this planet earth: pro ana blogs.

What is a pro-ana blog, you may ask? Its a short term for a pro-anorexia blog. No, Im not even joking. Girls will make blogs encouraging other vulnerable girls to starve, hate themselves and fall deeper into a DISEASE.

This is sick, and twisted, and worst of all, massively popular. I myself use to use some pro-ana blogs to make me feel disgusting, because some of the girls starving were wayyyyyy skinnier than I.

In conclusion, dont ever give in to these crazy fads; pro-ana blogs, miracle diets or any other media source assuring you that you are not good enough just like that. Trust me, by keeping your head above crazy water, you are healthier than them, I don't care what your weight is.

That is all, my loves.
Hasta la proxima


Challenge 2: Take a Risk

My darlings,

If you've ever told yourself one of these stupid sentences «I can't do that, everone will...
1.laugh at me
3.think I'm a poseur
4. stop talking to me
5. call me names

Then welcome to the club of the people who care too much about the people who don't matter and their opinions.
I was practically the president of this club. I lived my life by what people thought of me, by their expectations, and keeping up with that act tore me to shreds.

I couldn't walk into a store and buy candy, i had to pretend that I was buying for a friend, in fear that the cashier thought I was a crazy binge eater-which in fact, I was.
And ordering a fast food dish at a restaurant? THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING I COULD EVER DO!!!EVER!!!!

So my clothes, my hair, my activites, basically my life was run by what I wanted people to see. It was a demanding job, and I was quite convincing. I'm surprised I haven't been nominated for an Oscar yet. Meryl Streep? Please..does she keep it up 24/7? I think not!
I fell so hard into my act that I lost myself completely, and all I had left was a shadow of a person, an image, a character. So where did the real me go?

When I got out of the hospital, one of my main goals was to stop caring about what everyone said or thought, and just be me.
Turns out, it's a lot of fun.
So here is my little challenge for you, my fudgies: Do something you always wanted to do, but you were afraid of people's reaction. It could be the silliest little thing, like wearing crazy earrings you think are really cute, but your friends might not, or try out for a big role in a play.
What I did? I cut close to 30 cm off my hair!
Everyone always said that guys liked longer hair, that you look better with longer hair, long hair, long hair, blablablabla...enough!
I wanted to be a bad-ass, like Cherie Currie from the Runaways, and so off with the hair.

So this is what I look like...ahaha no jk one day my hair will fall perfectly into that position.
But sometimes it gets relatively close. :)

So here is the before shot, on the left (which is 6 months before I cut it, so you can imagine the dread-filled mane I had grown in December!), and the after, a very elaborate 1920s picture for the first ever promo FP, seen here (don't mind the bra strap. I have no worthy explanation)

So if any of you decide to take a leap of faith, let me know by email or twitter:)




Challenge 1: LOSE CONTROL

Dear Fudgies,

Let me teach you a little something today. Crazy is, and will always be, fudgin' cool.
Though we constantly worry about looking silly, or weird, or even imperfect every minute of every day, do you ever think...wow I look completely psycho...? People on the street will run away from my crazy ass...? Babies will not only cry, but crawl out of their carriages in utter fear of my delusion?
Didn't think so. Lemme explain why. We often slap the crazy label on anything and everything that isn't in control, that just lives for their senses and emotions, the "now" (although I hate using that word myself, I feel like a complete New-Agey hipster)
Now let's consider this particular crazy definition, shall we? Doesn't that sound kind of fun? When all you do is worry about having ultimate control (of people' opinion of you, of your appearance, grades, athletics, blablablabla), don't you just want to let everything go and live for just a second? Be in the moment and just let loose?

So here is my prescription for you today: do something a little crazy. step out of your comfort zone. stop caring about everyone else. just live.
Here's what I like to do: activities that are fun and reckless without being unsafe. Personal favourite?: Go-Karts. Going way too fast, crashing into the tire outline (and/or your friends); I feel like a complete maniac in a police car chase. 

On the left is the first ever promotional FP picture. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around my house looking like a complete lipstick-totting lunatic. Another lovely way to ride the crazy train: rocking halloween-esque costume looks on a regular ole Tuesday in March. I walked around decked out in my 1920's gear. I got looks, sure, a few eyebrow raises and even a not-so-subtle paparazzi, but after a while, I stopped lowering my head and blushing, I just smiled and waved. Like the true crazy b**tch I adore pretending to be :)

xoxo my little psycho fudgies,



Fudge Perfection: my littles angels

Today, FPP had its first official conference to a group of 4th-6th graders-my little inspirations :)
They wrote on a piece of paper why they were awesome and went around and signed each other's paper to help their friends feel good too :) (CUE THE AWWWEEEEE)

Ps: the girls in these pictures were all cleared by their parents, therefor I have full consent to use these pics :)
Dont worry<3

me...making silly faces...gotta love these girls for not being afraid of me...<3

Join the revolution!

Been refered to this site? Wanna know what it's about? What can you do? Here's little round-up

1. Fudge Perfection was founded by a recovering eating disorder psycho :) (me, aka Gabby), whose purpose was to grab hold of girls and make them understand that, thought they will never be perfect, they will always be beautiful. (check out the About FPP tablet above if you want more)

2. Alongside our many challenges, tips, tricks and personal experiences in our articles, one of our main project is producing visually interesting and gripping ad campaigns to raise awareness. We also hold workshops and meetings, as well as raising money for our good friend ANEB Quebec by selling our wristbands.

3. Finally, WHAT CAN I DO?

a) wanna be in our ad campaign or simply just be featured on the blog? Send us a pic or vid by twitter (@fudgeperfection) or email (fudgeperfection@gmail.com) with a sign or with any other creative source of your choice that says FUDGE PERFECTION! You can decorate it, add words, anything you'd like. Include your name and city (or state/province/country if you dont feel comfortable) and in our next vid you will see your pic/vid being used to spread love in our ad campaign.

We are also now casting monologues, dance choreographies and singer songwriters, on top of creative writing pieces! (No, I don't sleep, if you must ask:) )
*Remember: the more creative you are with your submission, the more likely you are to make it on, so don't be afraid to get into groups

You can also send us an ORIGINAL song you want us to use in our next vid. Just be ready to become incredibly famous and rich (no, I'm joking, but you'll definitely some great exposure)

b) You have a blog? You want to write an article for the FPP?
We LOVE inserting guest bloggers into the mix for a fresh perspective, so don't be shy:)
Insert pics, quotes, vids, whatever you'd like, and send it to us by email or by twitter.

c) Need advice? Want to GIVE advice? Again, email us with the key word ADVICE in your subject and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Alright, love all your gorgeous faces :)

Example for a simple picture: heres my girl Dana, Atlanta GA:

Stay awesome my fudgies



Welcome to our home page!

A little too lazy and busy to encrypt the official website that I paid for (-_-), Im gonna launch this blogspot first and foremost :P

So...whats happening on this blog?
Wellll....read on :P