RANT: Pro-ana blogs

Hello my gorgeous loves :)

Today is not so much of a happy post as much as it is an angry one.
My good friend Juliana and I had a conversation about the most despicable garbage on this planet earth: pro ana blogs.

What is a pro-ana blog, you may ask? Its a short term for a pro-anorexia blog. No, Im not even joking. Girls will make blogs encouraging other vulnerable girls to starve, hate themselves and fall deeper into a DISEASE.

This is sick, and twisted, and worst of all, massively popular. I myself use to use some pro-ana blogs to make me feel disgusting, because some of the girls starving were wayyyyyy skinnier than I.

In conclusion, dont ever give in to these crazy fads; pro-ana blogs, miracle diets or any other media source assuring you that you are not good enough just like that. Trust me, by keeping your head above crazy water, you are healthier than them, I don't care what your weight is.

That is all, my loves.
Hasta la proxima

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