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Been refered to this site? Wanna know what it's about? What can you do? Here's little round-up

1. Fudge Perfection was founded by a recovering eating disorder psycho :) (me, aka Gabby), whose purpose was to grab hold of girls and make them understand that, thought they will never be perfect, they will always be beautiful. (check out the About FPP tablet above if you want more)

2. Alongside our many challenges, tips, tricks and personal experiences in our articles, one of our main project is producing visually interesting and gripping ad campaigns to raise awareness. We also hold workshops and meetings, as well as raising money for our good friend ANEB Quebec by selling our wristbands.

3. Finally, WHAT CAN I DO?

a) wanna be in our ad campaign or simply just be featured on the blog? Send us a pic or vid by twitter (@fudgeperfection) or email (fudgeperfection@gmail.com) with a sign or with any other creative source of your choice that says FUDGE PERFECTION! You can decorate it, add words, anything you'd like. Include your name and city (or state/province/country if you dont feel comfortable) and in our next vid you will see your pic/vid being used to spread love in our ad campaign.

We are also now casting monologues, dance choreographies and singer songwriters, on top of creative writing pieces! (No, I don't sleep, if you must ask:) )
*Remember: the more creative you are with your submission, the more likely you are to make it on, so don't be afraid to get into groups

You can also send us an ORIGINAL song you want us to use in our next vid. Just be ready to become incredibly famous and rich (no, I'm joking, but you'll definitely some great exposure)

b) You have a blog? You want to write an article for the FPP?
We LOVE inserting guest bloggers into the mix for a fresh perspective, so don't be shy:)
Insert pics, quotes, vids, whatever you'd like, and send it to us by email or by twitter.

c) Need advice? Want to GIVE advice? Again, email us with the key word ADVICE in your subject and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Alright, love all your gorgeous faces :)

Example for a simple picture: heres my girl Dana, Atlanta GA:

Stay awesome my fudgies


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