Bits and Pieces <3

How are my gorgeous fudgies doing today?! <3
Feels good to be back into a rythm!
Yesterday's post was very well received, so thank you. (check it out here)

That got me thinking: I never really know if or why some of my posts will be more popular than others. So why not ask you guys, the ones actually reading them!
So I made yall a little survey, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND ANSWER THE 1 TEENSY QUESTION <3 thank you :) CLICK HERE

I also need your help with another very important part of the Fudge Perfection Project: the conferences!
Besides schools, I need other opportunities to spread the word about the FPP but more importantly what we stand for.
So if you have suggestions (church group, youth group, support group, etc.) P.L.E.A.S.E. let me know by email or comment down below!

I would love. love. LOOOOVVVE. to meet some of you, so don't be shy about asking me to travel (dont underestimate my determination and airmiles :P )

One last thing.
I know this post is just filled with demands and favors, but before I left this summer I briefly mentioned The Body Image Project published my submission on their website (yay!!!).

You can check it out here (http://thebodyimageproject.blogspot.ca/2012/06/age-16.html)
All you have to do is submit «What do you see when you look into the mirror?» with your age as the title :)
It will feel so great to have it out there in the world, like a secret community where no one knows your name or your face, just your story.
Which should be all that matters.

That was all for today, just little bits and pieces :)

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