17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 2

Gday my lovely fudgies,

We are back today with the 2nd vow from the 17 Body Peace Treaty (haven't seen the first one? http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/07/17-body-peace-treaty-day-1.html )
Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Team Usa Fierce 5 Womens Gymnastics (Jo, Gabby, Aly, Mckayla and Kyla) for winning gold by 5 points. You inspire me <3
Back to business :)

Vow #2: Never blame my body for the bad day I'm having

Some days, nothing, NOTHING, seems to go your way. Like God, the Universe, what have you, is purposely trying to make your life absolutely unbearable. As if being a teenager isn't enough!

And those days, when you come home exhausted, drained, and just flat-out angry at life, the LAST thing you want is to look in the mirror and see imperfection.
Because God knows THAT is a realistic expection.
So here are some tips to overcome this ridiculous reflex:

1. Learn to recognize those days and AVOID ALL REFLECTIVE SURFACES UNTIL YOU ARE CALM. 
You know it's been a bad day when you come home and yell at a carpet for standing in your way.
I know where you have been; inanimate-object-yelling is a common symptom of bad-day-itis.
So don't rush to your mirror and look at your reflection.
You won't be able to see anything positive in your reflection because today you can't seem to find anything positive ANYWHERE.
Take a breather. Collect yourself. Then proceed to step 2.

2. Get comfortable 
This is defintively not the day to try and squeeze yourself into 00 skinny jeans.
Studies show that women who are wearing comfortable clothing feel a lot more secure in themselves.
And they have looser facial muscles! (BO-NUS)
So get into something you feel great in that doesn't emphasize any of your insecurities and then head on over to step 3.

3. S.M.I.L.E. 
There are very,very,very few people who are grazing the surface of this earth right now who can make frowning look sexy.
Those people are called supermodels and are paid millions of dollars to look like you're feeling right now. And make it look fabulous.
Buuuuuuut that is not our case. Before you look at your reflection, think of something funny.
Your favorite clip from the Ellen show, your baby cousin laughing, that time with your friends when (insert hilarious story that, let's face it, is basically only funny to you guys), whatever it takes to turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN:))))
I can't lie, I kind of hate that expression but it is appropriate in the context here :)
With some extra seratonin in your brain, you will look more positively at your reflection.
And like I said, pure mortals like you and I do NOT pull off the angry mug shot look.
Once you've got your grin face on, step 4 awaits.

4. Thanking, instead of blaming, your body
It's easy to look at your body during a weak moment and blame your «fat» calves for your boyfriend breaking up with you.
First of all, that stupid ex-boyfriend should be lucky, LUCKY I SAY, to date a girl with calves like yours.
Secondly, instead of blaming our body for the crazy scenarios we invision they create, how about we THANK our bodies for what they can do.
Those «fat» calves are strong enough to carry you wherever. To let you run and dance and move freely in space.
That «pelican» nose lets you smell all the delicious pastries and flowers and Bath and Body Works lotion you want.
Isn't that something to be proud of?
To cherish?
I should think so.

I hope that was helpful!
Kind of a long one but I hope I made 17 magazine proud!
love you all more than you know,

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