Coming to you this fall <3

My gorgeous dolls.
I am back.
I have missed you so much, truly.

I have some great news for y'all!
I am coming to you this fall!


That sounds so beyond weird.
Basically I am planning some conferences, workshops, whatever u wanna call em at some local high schools, youth center groups, whoever wants to hear me babble and make weird faces!!!

So If you want me to drop by your school or community, wherever, I repeat, w.h.e.r.e.v.e.r. You live, email us at fudgeperfection@gmail.com

I would love to travel as well, spreading the love far and wide.
Sue me. I'm cheesy. It's very late at night oh-kaiii??? :P

I truly sincerely love each of your delightful faces,


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