Fear not. We are back.

Well hey there!

I seriously am the most inconsistent blogger ever.
And for that I apologize.

Moooooooving on :)

Update #1: I have succombed to the temptation of biting my fingers. I know :( , I was doing well for several weeks but I am working on my SSATs and school applications for next year and it's all very...
You know how it is:P
But I will get back on the biting-free bandwagon soon, have no fear!

Update #2: I have already started planning and booking several workshops for this fall that I am ECSTATIC about, but if you want me to come to your school, to your sister's schools, to your GSA meeting (oh my god, please do. I would litterally give my left arm to go to a GSA meeting) hit me up at fudgeperfection@gmail.com.

Update #3: Bracelets. We need to make them. Well, need is a strong word. Would like to is a more appropriate sentiment. Do any of you know of any manufacturers? I have seen some online but they seem a tad bit sketchy...
If you any sketches or ideas for the aforementioned bracelets, hit us up!

That is all <3

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