17 Body Peace Treaty: Day 1

How are my beautiful fudgies doing today?<3

Before I start, I just wanted to announce that with your help THE FUDGE PERFECTION PROJECT BRACELETS ARE BEING MADE RIGHT NOW!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!
I am so ecstatic! Thank you all for your help and support.
They will arrive in a couple of week so be patient :)

Now lets get to the order of the day!
I have had this Seventeen Magazine Body Peace Treaty clipping on my desk for several months, and I decided to write about a different vow from this treaty everyday until we go through the entire thing!
Sound good?
Since this is kind of a one way conversation, Im going to take that as a yes...:)

Vow 1: Remember that the sun will rise tommorow even if I had one too many slice of pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream tonight.

Easier said than done, am I right? (Why do I keep asking you guys questions when I KNOW you can't answer them? Maybe they should have never let me out of the looney bin...:P)

But in all seriousness this is so vital to your sanity, so here are a few tips to help you move on from these situations:

1. Remind yourself that indulging once in a while is good, it's HEALTHY, it lets you dip into guilty pleasures, makes you feel a litte rage-against-the-nutritionist rebellious, and overall in the moment makes you feel better. BUT BE CAREFUL: as soon as you are done, MOOOOVVVE ONNNN! Do not dwell, or feel guilty, or panic because according to you, an extra 184 calories will somehow affect the truly awesome individual that you are...

2. When I binged, the part that truly drove me insane was the taste of the food in my mouth. It reminded me of what had happened and enabled me from getting back to real life.
So what I would recommend is, if it is possible, brush your teeth, focusing mostly on your tongue, considering that little sucker holds the guilt-inducing taste buds.
If thats not possible, drinking a couple of chugs of water (I prefer flavored 'cause it tastes like heaven rain...I'm an addict and I'm proud) will wash out the taste and clear your system as well :)

3. Last but not least, GET YOUR MIND OFF OF IT! Read a book, dance around your room (compulsive exercising is NOT AEROBICS, I know your tricks; I used the same ones :P), paint, watch Friends, whatever it takes to make you realize that tommorow you are still gonna be the beautiful person you were before the pizza:)
Also, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to do the 3 things you love about yourself tip right before you go to bed: (GOT NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT? Need a little reminder? http://fudgeperfection.blogspot.ca/2012/02/challenge-5-hungry.html

Thats all for today!
Stay gorgeous, dolls <3

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