Beautiful Words about Beauty

Plucked from this wonderful tumblr http://blackbird-notcrow.tumblr.com/ , here is a quick piece about beauty.

“There is no ugly, there is no imperfect, there is no not-good-enough. 

Likewise there is no pretty, perfect, or good enough. Those are terms based on cultural standards which vary not only by culture but with each individual. 

The only thing there really is compassion, and if you have compassion for others then you are BEAUTIFUL. The question shouldn’t be, “maybe it doesn’t matter if I’m not pretty enough?” It should be “maybe it doesn’t matter if people are too blind to see that I already am beautiful?”

 Because someone, somewhere, thinks you are the most gorgeous creature ever. Because there is some culture, somewhere, where you could walk into the midst of the people of that culture and you would be a goddess in their eyes.” 

have a wonderful thursday <3

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