Avoiding Binging Episodes?

Hello sweeties!
I recently wrote this article for ANEB’s blog (http://www.anebquebec.com/blogue/2013/05/13/astuce-simple-pour-contourner-une-crise-alimentaire/))but since it is written in French and I think it could help a lot of you non-francophone fudgies out there, I have decided to give up my preciioouus time in order to translate my beautiful scriptures for you all. If you insist, you may throw flowers at your computers… :P

Binging episodes are rarely accidental. For each and every one of us, there are moments in our long exhausting days when we are more likely to give into temptation,like your return home from school or work, or maybe a certain day of the week(I’m talking to you, Monday).  In these moments, we are lonely, tired and potentially emotionally drained; a dangerous combination. We can feel powerless against our temptations, as if our feet naturally carry us to the ever-so seductive corner store.

But fear not, I have a very simple solution! If we know ourselves to be susceptible at a certain time or location, why not simply AVOID these risky situations?

If you know Mondays are your weakness, find an activity or any time engagement during your free time that day.Distracted and surrounded by people, you will quickly (hopefully) forget your cravings.

If a certain location entices you more than any other, try, if possible, to make a detour around it or avoid it entirely. For example, you can take a different bus or get off at a different stop. You can also take another road to leave the mall, or stand on the other side of the street. Out of sight, out of mind,right?

Obviously,the psychological distress behind such episodes should be addressed first and foremost, but if we can avoid just one of these actions, it’s a good start J

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