Dear Fudgies,

I am afraid many of us are victims of color abuse.

We are constantly bombarded with images of increasingly colorful birds, their beautiful, yet artificial plumage carving its way into our subconscious, slowly but surely altering our standards of beauty.

Skin?  Dull, lack of color, a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life.

Eyes? Regular, boring-old shades of blue, brown, green. They aught to be rimmed, trimmed, infused with new shades of the rainbow.

Lips? Pale, matte, chapped, lifeless, needing a pop of pink 24/7.

But why? Why can't we just embrace the natural flush of our cheeks, the natural brilliance of our eyes, all the natural colors we are so blessed to be already infused with?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look a little, well, more, sometimes, but don't let your silly little mind convince you that what you are already born with is less, it's just enough :)



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