What An Eating Disorder Looks Like

The first question the ANEB Quebec speaker asked during one of the workshops I attended in Montreal
was the following:

She showed dozens of faces. Young, old, white, Asian, men, women, dark hair, freckles, you get the drill.
She then asked the audience: who in these pictures has an eating disorder?

No one answered. And no one CAN answer such a question. As I have repeated time and time again, eating disorders are a purely psychological

Obviously there can be physical consequences, but the source of the problem, thus the key to treatment, is all up in that crazy hormonal brain of ours.

The picture shown on my right speaks volumes of the way the media sometimes treats EDs.

Emaciated girls are used in about 85% of ED booklets, prevention campaigns, or entertainment (talking to you, dr phil), and while I understand that these are mostly used to create an impact, a lasting impression, it also creates a social construct that people who are suffering from a MENTAL disorder must have specific BODY attributes.

Wait, what?

There are so many people out there suffering from eating disorders, but because of their physical nature, their gender, their age, what have you, they could never imagine that THEY are suffering from a "skinny bitch" illness.

Even worse, some people feel ashamed to get help because they feel their bodies do not look like those in the prevention campaigns, which is depressingly ironic.

What you need to know is that you are entitled to help, support, and understanding, no matter how you look or how people may judge you. Pain is pain, size 0 or 16.

You also need to know that I love you, just 'cause. :)



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