Brand new projects for the FPP

Hey dolls!

I have so much planned for you guys it is sorta/kinda/absolutely insane, and I want y'all to be in the know, so here we go!

1. Creative writing
Many of you seemed to enjoy the creative writing piece I included in a previous post this week, written by Kiley Penn, so I have decided to start posting some more. If you want to write something for us or suggest a find, do not hesitate to email me at fudgeperfection@gmail.com , I will gladly display it on our wall of fame:)

2. Creativity Galore!
When I started the FPP, I wanted to include one of the healthiest forms of self-expression in the world: ART!
However, I feel like these past few months I have been seriously lacking in the art department, so I am working on a bunch of exciting artistic projects!
Again, if you want to submit something, please do:) Visual art, dance, song, puppet show, you go for it doll.

3. FAQs video!
I always wanted to make more personal videos. Just me, the camera, and whatever thought pops out of my mouth! But I never did, for some reason...
I then realized I can kind of do whatever I want with the FPP, being the boss and all:P

So my first personal video will be a frequently asked questions, and then who knows! If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to me!

I will post them on the blog, as well as on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/user/FudgePerfection

4. ANEB quebec
Last but certainly not least, I have scored a summer internship at ANEB (anorexia and bulimia quebec)!

Don't worry, I won't desert the FP, I'll just have better things to write about, if such an improvement is EVEN possible... (Please insert dramatic hair flip here if my sarcastic tone wasn't adequately conveyed)

For the moment I think that is all, but I will keep you all posted if anything arises.
Have a great week;)



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