10 Reasons This Tweet Makes Me Sigh

Ohhh, Kalel, with your 90 pound body and your judging glare.
Here are 10 reasons this tweet makes me sigh:

10. I don't see no badge on your extra small clothes that says "body police" 

9. Many people who suffer from being overweight struggle with an emotional addiction to food. Perhaps you'd prefer they drown their sorrows in heroin, after all they'd be thinner. 

8. Maybe you don't "understand that shit", but the good thing is, you don't have to! Not yo body, not yo problem. 

7. My biggest pet peeve in the world is others going around judging what others are eating/drinking/putting in their bodies. Comments like this make me paranoid when I have to buy soup at the supermarket like..."is there someone out there glaring at me?"

6. No but seriously, where's your body police badge?

5. There are many conditions that can lead a person to a size that's bigger than a 2. Hyperthyroidism, cushing's syndrome, depression, etc. Can't see inside a person's body? Can't judge their health.

4. The #America comment is just plain wrong, for obesity is an international concern, especially in North America, but also in every other part of the world. Unhealthy foods are usually cheaper, hence not a single socio-economic class is untouched by the risk of obesity. 

3. Maybe this man was carrying a Big Gulp of water, or a protein shake. Maybe he's trying to lose weight, or already has lost a ton! But the thing is, you don't know, and you probably don't care to. All he is to you is just a fat person. 

2. Judging someone's character based on their weight is a prominent disease in this day and age. "You don't understand that shit...it's like signing your own death certificate..." Might as well call him dumb, or suicidal, or lazy. But you know nothing about this poor person, trying to get on with their day. 

1. Where, the fuck, is your body police badge.

Rant over.



  1. Omg!! I was just googling "kalel kitten fat shaming" to see if i could find any repercussion on this ugly tweet. Luckily i found your post and i couldn't agree more with your words =)
    I decided to unfollow her (on twitter, instagram, and youtube) because this comment of hers really made me sick. =(

    I mean, i think nobody should judge no-body ;) BUT I think that OUT OF EVERYONE on the internet, Kalel should understand that prejudging and jumping to conclusions about other people's life WITHOUT KNOWING THEM is so WRONG (and even if you knew someone, judging is so wrong...) I mean she STILL gets shit for things she has done/said in her past :/ I think that if everyone put themselves in the other person's shoes, prejudging will be so gone!!

    I hope one day Kalel will realize what she did, so i will be able to follow her again =)

    Well said, Gaby. Hey! have you checked out Carol Rossetti's art? She is a brazilian woman that creates beautiful online illustrations to empower women's confidence! =)

    Hugs from Argentina!