Bad Days

We all have those days.
Your hair looks like a fat, frizzy mushroom.
Your face...it looks distorted.
You can't get anything right.You're not smart.
You wish you could just zap those hips away.
No one likes you.
Always remember that those days can't be prevented. Im sorry. Science, god knows why, is not there yet.
Just tough it out. Smile. Laugh. Let go and just stop worrying.

Hold on to whats to come. Anything that can make you get through this hell. It can be that seeping hot lush bath waiting at home.
Or your plans for the weekend. Next month. Whenever.

***In light of the loss of Glenda Monster, I want to honour her soul and help you understand the value of a life.
This post is for all of you, but especially for you Glenda. May you R.I.P.

That is all my darlings,
Till next time,

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